Anne Spalter releases space-themed NFT collection

Anne Spalter’s new collection, AI Spaceships, draws on the climate crisis and outer space.

Astronaut wearing a helmet, looking at a screen

The NFT collection Anne Spalter released yesterday, AI Spaceships, counts 501 unique pieces. They were available for minting at 0.1 ETH yesterday. The next day, at the time of writing, the floor price sat at 0.36 ETH.

The collection is inspired by “the distant future climate change,” with individual NFTs entitled Future Plants Research, Outerspace Yacht, and Outerspace Sentient, among others. Social turmoil and spaceships have featured in Spalter’s art before. The new collection uses bright colors, blur, and bold composition, Spalter’s signature toolkit.

The collection was praised among the NFT artistic community, with DCinvestor calling it “mind-bending.”