How to Get Bitcoins For Free? 10 Ways to Earn Crypto Without Investing Fiats

Is there a way to get free bitcoins? Yes and no. We explore the most popular methods to earn free crypto and their hidden costs.

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There's no such thing as a free lunch, and Bitcoin is no exception. Still, getting crypto for "free" – i.e., without investing a single dollar – is doable if you're determined enough and ready to pay for it with a different currency, namely your time, focus, and intellectual effort.

Just to be clear, you can earn much more by trading or even hodling, depending on the market situation. However, not only does it take money and knowledge, but it also involves serious risks.

If you're looking for safer approaches to earning crypto, free Bitcoin opportunities are good for starters. They can set you up with some investment capital and help you gain experience that you can later leverage in more ambitious challenges.

Here are several options that you can make use of to earn Bitcoin or other crypto with little knowledge and at little to no financial cost.


Airdrops are a marketing strategy used by crypto projects to distribute free tokens or cryptocurrencies to their community. They serve various purposes: rewarding early adopters, attracting new users, and generating buzz around a project. Essentially, airdrops are promotional giveaways in the crypto industry, with some being 100% free and most offering compensation for performing certain microtasks.

A typical airdrop scenario follows several steps. When a new crypto project launches, it wants to create awareness and build a user base, so it allocates a certain number of tokens (or coins) to be distributed as crypto airdrops. These tokens can represent the project's native currency or other assets.

To participate, you need a compatible crypto wallet (usually a web3 wallet), such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc. You can enjoy the reward after completing simple tasks, like following the project on social media, joining their Telegram group, or interacting with their platform. The project will send the airdropped tokens directly to your wallet address. Done? Voilà! You've earned free crypto that you can sell for Bitcoin.

Chasing airdrops is a good way to gain crypto without investing fiat money, and it can become a full-time job. To succeed, you must keep an eye out for airdrop announcements, be cautious of scams, and always do your research.


Crypto faucets are another convenient way for newbies to earn free Bitcoin. These are websites or apps that distribute small amounts of cryptocurrency for completing tasks such as solving CAPTCHAs, watching ads, or playing games. Assignments from cryptocurrency faucets are usually very repetitive and time-consuming but don't require technical expertise or crypto-related knowledge.

Let's not beat around the bush: Bitcoin faucets pay pennies, often fractions of a satoshi (to clarify: the Bitcoin network deals with whole numbers of satoshis, but the Lightning Network, a layer-2 solution built on top of Bitcoin, supports millisatoshis). Still, if you can consistently spend sufficient time, crypto faucets allow you to accumulate a measurable amount of cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind though, that nearly every Bitcoin faucet has a minimum withdrawal threshold, meaning that you might have to accumulate for days or even weeks before being able to withdraw your earnings and send them to your personal crypto wallet.

Use due diligence before signing up for a faucet website or app. Be wary of scams disguised as crypto faucets, and always research the platform before engaging.

Tipping bots

Tipping bots are nifty tools that allow users to send small amounts of cryptocurrency as a form of appreciation. In more technical terms, they are automated programs or algorithms designed to facilitate the transfer of crypto tokens between users.

Tipping bots are integrated into social media platforms or messaging services like Twitter, Reddit, or Discord, enabling users to instantly send crypto as tips or donations to other users by simply mentioning the bot and specifying the tip amount along with the recipient's username.

Tipping bots have gained popularity as a method of earning free bitcoins by contributing valuable content or providing useful services. It's a good way to earn free crypto if you're willing to engage in online communities and participate in content creation, discussions, etc. Tipping bots allow you to monetize your activities and potentially accumulate crypto over time.

To begin to earn bitcoins with tipping bots, you need to create an account with the tipping bot in the relevant social media. When you receive a crypto tip, you can transfer it from the bot's account to your personal wallet.

Popular tipping services include Tipprbot, TipJar, Chaintip, SoDogTip, and Stellar Tip Bot, but there are many more. To earn more bitcoins, test different platforms and approaches. Try as many options as you can, see what works for you, and follow that path.


Bounties are one of the most effective ways to earn free bitcoins for skilled or determined users. Essentially, they are rewards offered by blockchain projects to people who complete specific tasks or contribute to the project's growth.

These tasks can range from simple social media actions, like following a project on Twitter, to more advanced activities, such as creating or translating content, writing code, or finding and reporting security vulnerabilities.

Crypto bounties serve as ways to engage the community, enhance project visibility, support the development process, or address other critical needs. From a startup's perspective, they are a convenient way of attracting talent. From a bounty hunter's perspective, they offer earning opportunities for users with various skills, including copywriters, translators, UI designers, web developers, testers, etc.

Rewards vary depending on the complexity of the task and the skills required to complete it. There are several platforms facilitating bounty programs, such as Gitcoin, Bounty0x, and HackerOne. They connect project teams with potential contributors, listing bounties and detailing tasks, rewards, and requirements.

Project teams review submissions and reward successful contributors with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a popular choice, but other tokens may also be used.


Browsers are essential tools for navigating the web. We use them constantly, so why not tweak this daily practice to earn free Bitcoin? It may require giving up – at least partially – on your favorite web viewing software but for the sake of getting some free coins.

There are several browsers that offer free cryptocurrency with little effort from users. Let's take a quick glance at the available options.

- Brave – a privacy-focused browser that aims to prevent online tracking by advertisers. It's based on Google's Chromium code but includes unique features. The Brave browser features a native, Ethereum-based cryptocurrency BAT (Basic Attention Token), enabling you to earn free digital assets in the form of BATs simply by viewing their ads (push notifications) as they appear on your screen.

- Opera and Opera GX (a gamers-focused version of the browser) also allow you to get free "bitcoins" in the form of Opera Points redeemable for fiat currencies like dollars or euro. In the future, Opera aims to enable exchanging Points for crypto assets.

- CryptoTab is the world's first browser with mining features, enabling users to earn free BTC without the hassle of watching ads or performing tasks. With the built-in Bitcoin mining algorithm, CryptoTab mines digital currency in the background, allowing you to achieve passive income while focusing on other activities.

Other solutions offering free rewards, if not precisely free BTC, include Microsoft Edge with its Rewards Program and Gener8, which focuses on monetizing online privacy.

Playing online games

If you like to have your cake and eat it, too, combining pleasure with utility, GameFi may be just the right free BTC option for you. GameFi, or game finance, as the name suggests, merges online gaming with decentralized finance. It introduces the play-to-earn (P2E) model, whereby by merely playing games or engaging in specific in-game activities, you can earn free bitcoins, native tokens, or various other rewards.

GameFi players can get cryptocurrency through gameplay mechanisms like:

- completing quests and challenges (earning tokens for achieving in-game objectives or overcoming obstacles, etc.)

- competing in tournaments (top performers are rewarded with tokens, creating an esports-like earning potential),

- collecting and trading in-game NFT assets.

Examples of popular crypto games include:

- Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based creature-battling game where players breed and raise Axies (NFTs) to compete and earn tokens,

- CryptoKitties, a game where players collect, breed, and trade virtual cats, with each cat represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain,

- Decentraland, a virtual world where users own and customize land parcels, creating and monetizing experiences within the game,

- Gods Unchained, a card-trading game where players can own and trade cards as NFTs, with opportunities to earn tokens through competitive play, and the list goes on and on.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is a solid way to earn money in the crypto space, but it comes with caveats.

There are several ways into the mining business, with some requiring substantial investments. Still, there are equipment-free Bitcoin mining options for those who want to test their way into the industry before building their own mining empire.

Just to remind you, Bitcoin mining is the process of using specialized computers to solve complex mathematical problems. Miners who successfully solve these problems are rewarded with newly created Bitcoin. This process also verifies and secures the Bitcoin network.

These days, you don't need heavy-duty gear or a bag of money to become a Bitcoin miner. You can start a small-scale mining operation without taking much risk by signing up for a cloud mining service.

Cloud mining services sell shares of their pool's hashing power to users, so users can use it to mine crypto. There are different ways to engage in cloud mining, with the easiest and most popular being hash power leasing. It allows you to mine bitcoins without serious upfront costs related to buying or renting expensive hardware.

Still, you need to invest some money to acquire hashing power. You can also consider free mining options with dedicated browser extensions, such as the above-mentioned CryptoTab.

Referral programs

Referral programs can be a profitable way of earning free bitcoins for users already active in the crypto space who have a vast social network or those who run crypto-focused media outlets where they can post a referral code.

The core idea is pretty straightforward: you can get free Bitcoin in one form or another by referring friends, family, or other users to specific platforms. Many crypto exchanges, wallets, and other services offer rewards or referral bonuses for bringing in new customers who sign up and complete specific actions using your unique link.

You can share a referral code or link through various channels, including your social media, website(s), groups, forums, etc. Referral programs allow you to earn free bitcoin without investing capital based on your networking activity or promotional effort.

If you want to earn crypto rewards by participating in referral programs, make sure that you partner with reputable platforms. Research their terms of service to fully understand what you can earn and what benefits you'll be offering your friends or other users.

Online surveys

Yet another handy way to earn BTC is online surveys. They are a popular method of collecting data or opinions from a targeted group of people over the internet. Businesses, organizations, and marketing agencies use them to gather feedback on various topics, such as products, services, consumer preferences, social issues, etc.

There are also many crypto companies willing to pay Bitcoin rewards or other types of assets for completing such surveys. These offers are usually available through numerous platforms that specialize in providing gig jobs. They allow you to earn rewards, including free satoshis, tokens, or fiats for completing tasks such as playing games, watching videos, participating in surveys, and more.

This option may suit people with no tech expertise since no prior experience is typically required to complete quizzes or surveys. Unfortunately, most surveys pay very little, and earning meaningful Bitcoin amounts takes time and effort.

Remember also that websites may have high minimum withdrawal thresholds or charge fees for converting rewards to Bitcoin. Before signing up for a platform, check its credibility and read the terms of service to familiarize yourself with all the limitations and risks involved.

Copy trading

The single best way to earn Bitcoin may be trading – which slightly goes against the keynote of this article. Still, if you already own crypto or are able to buy a fraction of BTC on a cryptocurrency exchange or elsewhere, you can make your crypto journey more worthwhile at the cost of increased risk.

There are plenty of user-friendly platforms that enable earning Bitcoin on crypto trading, such as Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, or other exchanges. You don't need to – and shouldn't if you're new to the game – put serious money at stake. You can simply buy a fraction of BTC or one of the new coins and wait patiently for its appreciation.

However, Before you make your first move, it's best that you develop a solid understanding of the market dynamics, including factors impacting crypto prices, stay tuned to industry news, keep up with changing regulations, and follow technical analysis.

To make things easier, you can try copy trading. It's a popular concept that allows you to automatically replicate the trading strategies or trades of experienced investors. It's a beginner-friendly and time-saving approach that can help you turn a profit on exchanges supporting this mechanism.

How to earn free bitcoins? Let's wrap it up!

You may spend weeks googling phrases like "how get bitcoins free" or "earn free bitcoins," but you'll never find a legitimate answer that provides you with a blueprint for making crypto out of thin air or sources that offer absolutely free bitcoins.

Everything comes at a price: whether it's work, dedicated time, invested capital, or taken risks. There's also no guaranteed way to earn significant Bitcoin without a good deal of effort. You can refer friends in the hunt for a referral bonus or complete tasks for various platforms to get crypto rewards, but you'll hardly be satisfied if you aim for real wealth.

So, focus on realistic expectations and avoid promises of easy money from platforms that claim to offer free bitcoins. Prioritize reputable services and thoroughly research before investing your time. To avoid disappointment, consider the time commitment required compared to the potential rewards.