Hoskinson Mocks Solana’s Shutdown

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, addressed a series of the rival network’s downtime with a sarcastic tweet.

A stock photo of an internet troll hiding behind the paper bag in front of the computer.

Replying to the news about Solana’s network outrage, Charles Hoskinson posted a link to the YouTube tutorial on how to make old video games work again. “This might help,” he tweeted, suggesting that Solana requires a significant effort to be brought back to life.

In replies to the tweet, one user recalled Terra’s Do Kwon cockiness and asked Hoskinson if Cardano is safe for network issues. “Nothing is completely safe and I'm sure there will be issues,” Hoskinson reacted, adding that Solana and Luna backers were relentlessly mocking Cardano “for trying to do things the right way with peer review and formal methods in order to avoid these issues.”

Yesterday, Solana Mainnet Beta halted for four and a half hours, but validators managed to coordinate the restart. According to Anatoly Yakovenko, the Solana Labs co-founder, the outrage was due to the bug that made nodes generate different outputs, leading to the inability to reach consensus. The previous halt occurred on May 1, reportedly caused by the surge of transactions. It lasted roughly seven hours before the successful restart.