Deca launches art experiment in collab with XCOPY

Digital art space Deca unveiled an experimental collaboration between members and generative art creator XCOPY.

Right Click Share #0 as of June 1
Right Click Share #0 as of June 1.

Eligible holders of Deca membership tokens, called Octagons, were able to mint NFTs by XCOPY, a respected generative art creator. With a total supply of 1,024, the collection is made up of monochromatic tiles that holders can choose to add to a collaborative artwork Right Click Share #0. Once added, the pixels display for one year, after which time the holder has to recommit their tile.

While individual tiles can be sold like regular NFTs, Right Click Share #0 is burned and can only be displayed as a combination of the pledged tiles, making the experiment a radical challenge to the investment-oriented NFT market.

The experiment is part of the launch of Deca’s art-focused metaverse project Decaverse. Its supporters and members, including Tyler Hobbs and XCOPY themselves, are set to meet in New York later this month.

The full supply of XCOPY's pixel NFTs has not yet been released, with more to be distributed among Octagon membership token holders of the top four tiers. Communities formed around XCOPY and NFT art collectors 6529, Cozomo de’ Medici, and Vincent van Dough are also expected to receive a slice.