The Encriptados Encrypted SIM Card. Privacy and anonymity in more than 200 countries

The Encriptados SIM Card is one of the best products from, an international company expert in secure communications and cybersecurity. Do you know how it works and why it is one of the favorite options on the market?

What is an encrypted SIM card?

An encrypted SIM Card is an ultra secure card, which is inserted into the mobile device, offering not only connectivity around the world but also security, anonymity and privacy. They have cutting-edge technology that allows you to communicate internationally without being located, identified or intervened and best of all, at low costs, without contracts or cut-off dates.

How does the Encriptados SIM Card work?

Once the Encriptados SIM Card is installed on the mobile device, it will immediately begin to protect all communications that enter and leave the phone, providing an additional layer of security so that the user cannot be geolocated or tapped no matter where they are.

The Encriptados SIM works in more than 200 countries around the world with a fast and reliable connection offering anonymity, security and protection for all communications. Furthermore, these types of chips do not emit an IMSI code, which makes it impossible to determine the connection origin, making the user untraceable.

The best. It can be easily purchased from wherever you are with your favorite payment method including Cryptocurrencies and installed on any type of Android, IOs, Windows or Blackberry mobile device, also on tablets, computers that accept SIM Cards and routers.

You can choose the data package, minutes or IMSI changes you want and take as long as you want to consume them, since there will be no expiration or cut-off date. You will also have features such as random number generation and voice changer.

eSIM encryption. The evolution of secure communications.

The encrypted SIM Card also has its new digital version, the eSIM, a totally virtual chip that is installed in the phone just by scanning a QR code and that avoids shipping costs or the fact of having to travel to a physical store. The encrypted eSIM works in the same way internationally, and it is possible to have it on the device without having to remove the physical SIM, which allows you to have both and have a security backup or coverage in case one or the other fails.

In addition, you can switch between them manually or automatically, so you always have the best connection no matter where you are.

Meet, an international company specialized in secure communications. is an international company with more than 10 years of experience in the secure communications sector. Within its catalog of services it has not only the extraordinary encrypted SIM Card, but also military grade encrypted phones and encrypted private messaging apps for totally private communications.

Start protecting your communications and meet Encriptados, your perfect ally to be always safe and protected from any cyber-attack, spy or hacker.