Orange Crypto's $ORNJ Token Launch: A Historic Milestone for Bitcoin DeFi

As the crypto world buzzes with anticipation, Orange Crypto HQ unveils its most ambitious project yet - the launch of the $ORNJ token. This marks a historic moment, not just for Orange but for the entire BitcoinFi landscape. $ORNJ is not merely a token; it's the lifeblood of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to revolutionize how we interact with Bitcoin, BRC20, Stacks, and Ordinals NFTs.

Why is $ORNJ a Game-Changer?

$ORNJ is the cornerstone of Orange's diverse arsenal, including a self-custodial wallet, cross-chain DEX (OrangeSwap), staking mechanisms, and an AI-integrated marketplace for data and statistics. This suite of products, akin to Ethereum's user-friendly ecosystem, is poised to make Orange a frontrunner in the burgeoning BitcoinFi sector.

The Orange token is more than just a digital asset. It's a key to an ecosystem where governance, reduced platform fees, and staking rewards are not just perks but fundamental rights of the token holders. This democratization of finance is what sets $ORNJ apart, offering real utility and governance power to its community.

Tokenomics Simplified

At the heart of $ORNJ's appeal is its straightforward yet powerful tokenomics. With a total supply of 100 million tokens and an initial valuation of $6 million, the token is entering the market at a public sale price of just $0.06.

The tokenomics of the Orange $ORNJ token are structured as follows:

  • Public Sale Price: $0.06
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 tokens
  • Initial Valuation: $6,000,000

The allocations are divided into different categories:

  • Seed: 25% (25,000,000 tokens) at $0.04 each, raising $1,000,000.
  • Public - Launchpads: 15% (15,000,000 tokens) at $0.06 each, raising $900,000.
  • Liquidity: 25% (25,000,000 tokens), no direct raise.
  • Marketing: 20% (20,000,000 tokens), no direct raise.
  • Team: 15% (15,000,000 tokens), no direct raise.

The allocation is carefully designed to ensure stability and growth, with portions set aside for liquidity, marketing, and team, each following a meticulously planned vesting schedule.

The release and vesting schedules vary for each category, with some having immediate releases and others following monthly vesting schedules. The initial market cap at the Token Generation Event (TGE) is approximately $1,425,000.

Participate in the $ORNJ IDO

The IDO, a pivotal moment for early investors, is happening right now on platforms like, LeverFi, and ALEXLabBTC, with a planned listing on major exchanges including Bitget Global, MEXC Official, and BitMart Exchange!

How can you get involved in the IDO on It's simple. Purchase $COM tokens - the gateway to participating in the Launchpad. With a tiered allocation system, your level of access depends on the number of $COM tokens you hold. The IDO is structured into two rounds, with the first being tier-based and the second open to any holder of at least 1 $COM token, ensuring a fair and inclusive opportunity for all interested parties.


The Future Of BitcoinFI

This IDO is not just a token launch; it's a launchpad for innovation and community-driven development in the BitcoinFi ecosystem. By participating, you’re not just buying a token; you're investing in a vision of a decentralized, user-centric financial future powered by Bitcoin.

As of January 31, the excitement is palpable, and the Orange revolution is already begun. The $ORNJ token is more than an investment; it's a statement of belief in a future where finance is democratized, secure, and accessible to all.

Join us in this historic moment and be a part of the future of BitcoinFi with Orange Crypto's $ORNJ!