Unveil the thrills of the mind: A beginner’s guide to Mental


Nolimit City is known for providing high-quality slot games. What makes their titles unique is the various themes they explore when developing their games. Some of the unique themes they have delved into include extraterrestrials, horror, mystery, and so on.

Mental, a slot game that is known for its horror and psychological elements, is one of the most popular Nolimit City titles among slot enthusiasts. It offers amazing multipliers and features many players have fallen in love with.

If you wish to play this title, learn more about the Mental slots game with this beginner’s guide:


Embark on a journey into Nolimit City's asylum, where there are tons of winning opportunities to unveil. With a favourable 96.08% RTP and 108 ways to win, continuously spin the reels to get the chance to win x66,666 of your initial stake.

Here are some special features to look out for when playing Mental:

Fire Frames

In the base game, each spin 1 to 13 positions on reels randomly gets a fire frame. Symbols are then split which allows players to land winning combinations more easily.

Dead patient

Triggering this feature is done by landing 2 dead patient symbols. When active, a patient symbol will be assigned a random multiplier from 5x, 10x, 15x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x, 1,000x, or 9,999x.

Enhancer cell

The enhancer cells can be found at the bottom positions of reels 2 and 4. You can trigger this feature by landing 4 and 6 fire frames, respectively. Once started, it has the potential to unveil symbols like the patient, deceased patient, xWays, xSplit, and xNudge Wild.

Mental transform

Triggering the Mental transform feature involves landing a spider symbol on either reel 2 or 4. Once triggered, the symbol transforms, morphing into either xWays, xSplit, deceased patient or patient symbols.

Autopsy free spins

Landing 2 scorpion symbols activates the autopsy free spins feature, granting you 8 spins. Each scorpion symbol partnered with a fire frame adds an extra spin to the total. Throughout these spins, up to 5 positions acquire a fire frame, which remains in those locations for the duration of the free rounds.

Lobotomy free spins

Achieving a combination of 3 scorpion symbols and 1 spider symbol in the base game grants 9 free spins. During Autopsy Free Spins, landing 1 additional Spider symbol triggers an upgrade to Lobotomy Free Spins.

Lobotomy-free spins closely resemble the Autopsy feature but with added elements. Spider symbols become sticky on the reels and initiate the Mental Transform with each spin. The feature introduces Dead Multipliers, where the highest multiplier associated with each Dead symbol is accumulated in the 'count.' This count corresponds to the number of patient symbols landed.

Once dead multipliers accumulate, they are transferred to the patient symbols and are rewarded. The number on the ‘count’ decreases after it’s been applied.

Mental free spins

Achieving a combination of 3 Scorpions and 2 Spiders results in 10 Mental free spins. The autopsy and lobotomy free spins features have the potential to be upgraded to Mental free spins when the required number of missing Spider symbols land.

Throughout the round, any landing scorpion or spider symbol contributes an additional spin. All aspects of the lobotomy free spins feature are active in the Mental free spins, including spider symbols becoming sticky and initiating the Mental transform feature.

The distinction lies in the behaviour of the dead multiplier count, which does not decrease after transferring to the patient symbol. Instead, it accumulates persistently, leading to higher rewards throughout the feature.


As you are transported to an asylum, prepare yourself as you will see unsettling images such as hearts, brains, hands and more as symbols. Here are the low-paying symbols of the game:

  • Skeletal Hands
  • Kidneys
  • Hearts
  • Brains
  • Eyes

The game also features tons of high-paying symbols which are represented by the patients of the asylum. You can win massive payouts by landing a winning combination with these symbols. So, make sure to be on the lookout. The symbols will be ranging from patient 1 to patient 5.

Besides these, there are more symbols to keep an eye out for as they have the potential to multiply your winnings by a ton. Here is a rundown of each:

  • Dead Patient symbol: If you land two of these on your reels, you can potentially multiply your wins by x9999. Note that these multipliers would be added to your payline hit payout.
  • xWays symbol: Landing the xWays symbol will reveal three symbols of the same kind. It will also cause your reels to expand vertically. Any of the other symbols can be revealed by landing this symbol except the scorpion, spider and dead patient symbol.
  • xSplit symbol: The xSplit symbol, as the name suggests, splits one symbol on each reel which doubles it. It also splits itself into two wilds.
  • xNudge Wild: It can nudge other symbols to fully appear in the reel. In return, it increases your multiplier by 1 which will be added to your payout win.
  • Spider symbol: Used to trigger the Mental Transform feature, the spider symbol is another symbol to look out for. This symbol can transform into a dead patient, regular patient, wild, xWays or xSplit symbol.
  • Scatter Symbol: If you land three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels, you will trigger the special features of the game.

Unleash the potential to win big with the features of the Mental slots game. Make sure to use betting strategies to improve your winning odds. If you are new to slot games, you can test the mechanics by playing the Mental slot demo.

With this, you can play the game for free without having to risk your bankroll. Once you are more confident with playing the game, switch to real play mode and start earning! Besides this, don’t forget to set a betting limit and have fun when playing. Who knows? You might take a huge payout!