Solana-based Card Strategy Racing Game MixMob Racer1 Launches with Race-to-Earn Mechanics

Vancouver, Canada, January 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Vancouver, Canada, January 4th, 2024, Chainwire

MixMob, a Solana-powered gaming universe on Remix Culture, has launched the first card strategy racing game, Racer 1, with “race-to-earn” gameplay mechanics where gamers, crypto enthusiasts and degens can participate and win crypto. 

Developed by a seasoned team of gaming industry experts who worked on AAA titles such as FIFA and Halo, Racer 1 is a robot card battler racing game that merges real-world money gaming with DeFi. Players can train, breed and customize robots called MixBots, and race with them to win crypto in arenas. 

MixBots are used to remix reality to free humans who are under the control of a forced reality. MixMob Raiders train their MixBots by racing them in global pop-up remixed reality arenas. Each MixBot is an NFT, giving players access to unique playable characters with different abilities and play styles in Racer 1. The game also utilizes Card Deck NFTs packed with special attributes to control MixBots. 

Users can spectate, support and buy gifts for racers or operate/manage on Turbo Arenas using MXM, the governance token that operates the MXM Esports League and incentivizes players for playing the game and operating Turbo Arenas, referral rewards and governance. To bridge eSports with Web3 and crypto, the MXM League establishes regular game schedules and tournaments with different tiers. The League is governed by MXM holders, meaning MixMob players can decide key aspects of each tournament.

Turbo Arenas, the in-game racing venues, double as liquidity pools for staking purposes. Players stake MXM tokens in Turbo Arenas to engage in governance of the league, form/manage teams, unlock rewards for their contributions, reward top performing racers, and access premium items in the economy, in order to earn a percentage of each arena’s total revenues. Arena stakers can also compete to attract more players by managing the Turbo Arena. 

To mark the official launch of the game, MixMob offers an exclusive MixBot & MXM Token Package Pre-Sale. Players will be able to get a Pre-Sale Package containing 1 MixBot and $250 worth of MXM tokens at the price of $250. Aside from paying with USDC, USDT and SOL, users can also join the Pre-Sale with the popular Solana coin BONK.

MixMob aims to prevent external market forces, including crypto exchanges, from affecting the MixMob ecosystem’s token economy by introducing SUD$, a Solana-based soulbound token that can only be exchanged within the MixMob games.

Backed by key names from crypto and Web3 ecosystem, including Arthur Hayes, Solana, Alex Svanevik, Darren Lau, Maven Capital, Genblock Capital, IOSG Ventures, and Shima Capital, MixMob has raised over $10.5 million. 

“Following an incredible Closed Beta stage that awarded us the acknowledgment of pro gamers, casual players and degens, we’re finally ready for the official launch of MixMob’s first game, Racer 1,” said Simon Vieira, the Co-Founder and Game Director of MixMob. “We are now excited for the full-scale launch of the MXM eSports League, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for our players and the broader gaming ecosystem for 2024.”

MixMob Racer 1 is playable on App Store, Google Play Store, and desktop browsers.

About MixMob

MixMob is a Solana-powered Web3 gaming platform on Remix Culture that caters to the needs of gamers, crypto gamblers and degens alike. Established by an all-star game team that worked on massively successful titles such as FIFA, Halo, Battlefield, Nintendo, Disney, Nike, Adidas, and Pokerstars, MixMob offers gaming experiences built on sustainable tokenomics. MixMob’s first game, Racer 1, is a card strategy racing game that merges real-world money gaming with DeFi.


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