Erling Mengshoel Bio: Atozy Girlfriend, Net Worth, and BitBoy Lawsuit

Explore the biography and career details of the renowned YouTuber accused in a defamation lawsuit by cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong

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Erling Mengshoel, also known as Atozy, has become a familiar name in the YouTube community, celebrated for his unique fusion of gaming content, humor, and an innate talent for exposing scandals and fraud in the vast realm of the Internet. The unexpected clash with crypto influencer Benjamin Armstrong, formerly known as BitBoy Crypto, not only heightened curiosity but also propelled Atozy's work into the spotlight, introducing his channel to a broad audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In this exploration of Atozy's journey, you will uncover crucial facts from the vlogger’s biography and career, and get a comprehensive look at the notable videos that have contributed to his rise in the digital landscape.

Atozy biography

Here is a glimpse into the life and details of Atozy. Unfortunately, not all the facts about Atozy’s life that his fans may want to learn are provided, as, despite being a public figure, Mengshoel is cautious about sharing his personal information.

Atozy real name

As previously mentioned, Atozy's real name is Erling Mengshoel. The current version of Mengshoel’s channel also features his pseudonym Atozy. In the past, Atozy has also been known by the name MrAtozy.

Atozy Age

Mengshoel was born on April 21, 1997, making him 26 years old at the time of this publication.

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Where is Atozy from?

Atozy was born in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the YouTuber was raised in Norway's capital, Oslo.

Where does Atozy live?

Currently, Atozy resides in the USA, specifically in Arizona.

Atozy's girlfriend

The identity of the YouTuber’s girlfriend has been a favorite topic among his fans, who are eager to learn more about her. Despite their curiosity, Atozy is committed to protecting her privacy. One known detail available to the public is her name, Hannah. Interestingly, she plays a role in the creation of Atozy’s content, serving as the camerawoman for the Atozy channel.

Atozy and his girlfriend
Source: Atozy, Instagram

Atozy's career

The prominent content creator embarked on his YouTube journey on March 9, 2012. While his channel now focuses on humorous commentary about popular events and, particularly those involving the Internet, social media, and online influencers, Mengshoel initially created gaming videos featuring montages of funny moments. Atozy reportedly published his first video in April 2013, showcasing his character's "rocket jump."

As a budding vlogger, Atozy gained moderate success, with some videos surpassing 10,000 views. However, his content gained significant traction when Mengshoel uploaded a video titled Phantomlord and CSGOshuffle Exposed - Scammed 100000s of Dollars.

The video delved into the controversy surrounding the alleged scam involving the DejiOSHUFFLE website.

At the time of publication, Atozy has amassed an audience of 1.47 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 44,000 followers on X.

Mengshoel’s education and previous job experience are not revealed on his social media profiles; however, according to the LinkedIn account under his name, Atozy is also a co-founder of the YouTube marketing agency Unknown Agency, established in September 2019.

Atozy net worth

As of the time of publication, Atozy has not disclosed any details about his income and financial situation to the public, making it challenging to estimate the net worth of the popular YouTuber.

Some sources provide a broad range of Mengshoel’s net worth, stating it could be between $100,000 and $1 million. Others cite a more specific figure, claiming Atozy’s net worth was $196,000 as of November 2023.

The YouTube channel is expected to be Mengshoel’s primary source of income. In addition to that, Atozy sells his merchandise online.

Notable videos from Atozy

At the time of publication, YouTube Fandom reported that Atozy had created over 430 videos, while the channel itself had already uploaded 741 videos. Altogether, at least 59 videos had been viewed more than one million times.

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"This Moment ENDED Lil Tay’s Career"

At press time, The YouTube Wiki cited this video from Atozy, uploaded on May 31, 2018, as the most popular vlogger’s video. The number of views for this video surpassed 8.92 million.

In this video, Atozy discusses Instagram influencer Lil Tay, who, at that time, enjoyed great popularity online despite being only nine years old.

Interestingly, the second most popular video from Atozy was also dedicated to Lil Tay. "THIS VIDEO FORCED LIL TAY'S MOM TO RESIGN" has gathered 7.3 million views.

Erling Mengshoel
Source: TVGuideTime

"Phantomlord and CSGOshuffle Exposed - Scammed 100,000s of Dollars"

As mentioned earlier, this video exposing fraudulent activities within the gaming community triggered a spike in Atozy’s career and may have encouraged the YouTuber to create even more content discussing scams.

In this specific video, Mengshoel commented on a CSGO betting scandal linked to the site CSGOShuffle. The scandal allegedly involved the manipulation of gambling outcomes, profit-sharing arrangements, and other illicit activities associated with the well-known YouTuber James “Phantoml0rd” Varga.

According to the YouTube Fandom, Atozy "sarcastically calls himself a 'Leafy Clone,'" as he provided commentary for the video while showcasing footage of him engaging in CS:GO surfing, coinciding with the peak popularity of LeafyIsHere at that time.

At press time, the video, which has been online for almost eight years, has garnered nearly 6,500 likes and over 421,000 views.

"This YouTuber Scams His Fans… Bitboy Crypto"

Even though this video posted by Atozy two years ago gathered only 240,000 views, which is much less than many other videos from the popular YouTuber, this particular one has almost taken Atozy to court.

In this video, Mengshoel decided to speak openly about the controversy surrounding another famous YouTuber, crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy Crypto. Atozy referred to the influencer as a "shady dirtbag who milks his audience for a quick buck rather than giving them genuine advice." He added that he had been compiling the video for quite a long time, waiting for the right moment to upload it.

Eventually, Atozy decided to share the video with the community when Armstrong gave a passionate monologue in one of his interviews, claiming he had never been involved in shilling scam tokens.

"He has been giving a bunch of 'financial advice' by framing it as 'not financial advice,' but this is not someone you should be looking up to for any advice whatsoever," Atozy claims in his video, adding, "He simply cannot be trusted with financial advice because you do not know whether he is trying to enrich you or himself."

One of the arguments Atozy used against BitBoy Crypto was the video about the PAMP crypto coin of the Pamp Network, which, as per Armstrong, was designed in a way that made its price only go up. "The guaranteed increase" in price stemmed from "the complicated grey area of decentralized finance," Armstrong explained, comparing the potential of the Pamp Network to become as successful as Tezos. Among other benefits of the Pamp token, BitBoy also mentioned its profitability for staking, including daily rewards.

Back in time, Armstrong also claimed he made his video because his audience eagerly asked him to review the Pamp Network’s token. At the end of the video, BitBoy openly asked his community to "trust him" and predicted the token’s price to grow up to $6 by November 2021 when Atozy released his video showing that the token’s value had already fallen to zero.

Unfortunately for PAMP investors, the token did not survive by the moment Atozy made his video. "What I think happened, he [Armstrong] got paid for this video because whoever is paying him to make this video needed some exit liquidity," Mengshoel shared his opinion with the YouTube community. Atozy emphasized that around the time when BitBoy’s video came out, the price for the token spiked.

Mengshoel mentioned that BitBoy had not apologized for the fate of the token he advertised, stressing that this was not the first time the crypto influencer acted in such a way. The Ink Protocol (XNK) token from July 2016 was another example of a dubious investment promoted by Armstrong, which Atozy added to his video. Back then, Armstrong cited XNK in the long-deleted video "Top 3 Coins to $3 Million (Crypto Get Rich Quick)." Hyprr (Howdoo/UDOO) was one more example of a token that lost its value.

In the same video, Atozy also revealed several examples of plagiarism by BitBoy Crypto.

Atozy BitBoy lawsuit

"Opening the Pandora's box," as Atozy called his video about BitBoy Crypto, indeed led to an unexpected event. Roughly nine months after its publication, Armstrong sued the YouTuber for defamation.

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"I wish I didn’t have to make this thread," Mengshoel wrote in an X post on August 24, 2022, "But I am being sued by the YouTuber BitBoy Crypto for a video I made roughly nine months ago, covering how he promoted a project named PAMP."

"Last night, the third person BitBoy sent to my house showed up and served me the lawsuit," Atozy continued, stating that he stands by the allegations in the lawsuit and does not understand the reason behind them since the media reported that Armstrong "made '$30,000 for a single paid promotion' and now 'feels responsible for the losses suffered by his followers.'"

In response, Atozy started seeking financial help, as BitBoy alleged the damages he experienced as a result of "defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress," and other harm allegedly inflicted by Atozy’s video were more than $75,000.

Unexpectedly, while Atozy was crowdfunding to defend himself against "this frivolous lawsuit," Cobie, the host of the UpOnly podcast and renowned crypto trader, donated 100,000 USDC to support the YouTuber.

At first, Armstrong reacted to Atozy speaking publicly about the lawsuit with an X post, where he said, "You can’t literally make up lies and accusations about people. There are consequences for this. Because you tell two truths and one lie, that doesn’t excuse the lie."

Yet, shortly after the news about the massive donation received by Mengshoel, who in total managed to raise nearly $200,000, BitBoy Crypto reconsidered the lawsuit and quickly withdrew it.

In providing context to his decision, he issued an apology for the incident, asserting that the situation was not intended "to become public and misconstrued." Ben went on to clarify that the lawsuit was not meant to be taken lightly, possibly alluding to the common practice of filing "slap" lawsuits, which are often used to suppress criticism.

He stressed the significance of the offense he experienced, stating, "When someone implies you can be in trouble from the SEC, that is not frivolous; that's a very, very big, serious matter," likely referring to the meme with SEC contained in the video.

Atozy’s attitude towards crypto

In his video about BitBoy Crypto, Atozy expressed great enthusiasm about cryptocurrency while simultaneously expressing his dissatisfaction with scams involving crypto that harm the industry.

"I don’t hate crypto. I hate the people who use crypto as a way to scam people," Atozy tweeted in 2022.

Atozy has created even more content on scams and other events in the crypto space, including "TikTok "NFT Bro" Calls Everyone Poor," "The Bored Ape Festival Disaster," "Logan Paul Just Deleted This Video," and others.

Atozy’s channel today

From his early days as a gaming content creator to his rise in the realm of commentary, Atozy's career has been marked by significant milestones, such as exposing of controversies involving Internet celebrities and unmasking scams.

In addition to numerous videos dedicated to influencers and online trends, Atozy also occasionally creates short documentaries and posts interviews with famous people, steadily gaining a growing audience. Meanwhile, the famous confrontation between Atozy and BitBoy Crypto has introduced Mengshoel’s channel to many cryptocurrency users.