Rebase Unveils IRL Cup, Merging Real-World Exploration with Web3 Gaming

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, December 19th, 2023, Chainwire

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, December 19th, 2023, Chainwire

Rebase, a leader in digital innovation, announces the launch of the IRL Cup, a groundbreaking event celebrating the debut of $IRL, the ecosystem's native token. More than an airdrop, the IRL Cup is a unique, immersive experience designed to offer the Web3 community engaging ways to earn rewards.

Rebase has consistently demonstrated its commitment to digital engagement, boasting over 45,000 active users and 700,000 miles traversed in-app. The IRL Cup, spanning three months starting December 24th, 2023, marks a revolutionary step in Rebase's journey, encouraging physical activity and integrating real-world movement into virtual points.

Participation is user-friendly, with points earned through various in-app activities. Three leaderboards ('Play-time,' 'Distance Covered,' and 'Items Collected') will distribute 5,000,000 $IRL tokens as rewards. Surprise collaborations with brands and projects add an extra layer of excitement.

"The vision of Rebase may sound simple but being able to tie digital assets and collectibles to real-life locations will be game-changing. It will open up an entirely new vertical for both businesses and creators to connect with their audiences and fans," says Edmond Truong, co-founder of Rebase.

The IRL Cup is not just a token event; it's a call to adventure, inviting users to merge virtual gaming with real-world exploration. As the event unfolds, Rebase continues to showcase the elements that position it as a standout platform in the digital space.

About Rebase:

Rebase, a leader in digital innovation, harnesses Blockchain, AR, and VR technologies to evolve into a geolocation-based advertising platform, blending digital and physical worlds in a gamified experience. Supported by prominent investors like Animoca Brands, Defiance Capital, and Spartan Group, Rebase is not only rapidly growing but also strategically positioned in the tech industry, poised for further advancements and impact.

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