Revolut will reward the most active users with a native token

Revolut CEO Nik Storonsky shed some light on the company’s plans to introduce “Revcoin” and the non-custodial crypto wallet in an interview with The Block.

A stock photo featuring man holding a smartphone with the customer loyalty program.

During the Finance FWD conference in Hamburg, Storonsky announced that Revolut’s token will reward customers for their loyalty. CEO clarified that it will function similarly to the airline Air Miles program, where customers earn bonuses depending on how often they use the service. "It definitely won't be a stablecoin," he added. "The goal is to make loyalty tradable."

Nik Storonsky also mentioned that the company is working on its non-custodial wallet that will function both as a standalone app and the build-in Revolut option. Initially launched on Ethereum, it will later expand to multiple chains. The wallet will also support NFTs, but this feature isn’t the developers’ top priority for now.

Storonsky said that the wallet is planned to be similar to the MetaMask, offering many different networks and bridges under a simple interface. Currently, Revolut provides its customers with a custodial wallet that is already confirmed to add staking, deposits, and withdrawals, and lending to its offering soon.