ZNS Is Opening the ZNS Connect Seed Round

Discover ZNS Connect's revolutionary journey with ZNT token, a Web3 milestone enhancing digital identity and community-driven internet evolution.

For all the dreamers and supporters of Web3, we have a big announcement that we are excited to share.

As part of the next step in our journey, we are unveiling ZNT, our native token, that we’ve created with our collective vision in mind, and we hope you will be a part of it as well.

Where We Began And Where We’re Going

ZNS Connect Name Service (ZNS) with our eyes on the future. We believe that the next generation, Web3, is the natural endpoint for today's emerging online communities. Digital identity is a concept in its infant stages but is developing quickly. We are firm supporters of this as we believe that the Web is a communal space for everyone to enjoy and take an active role in. Web3 is the idea of community-run networks, which are decentralized as opposed to the centralized version of the internet we have now (Web2) in which corporations control almost all networks.

We’ve seen large, recent developments of the Web3 model in the financial sector, but other smaller areas like internet searches, academic publications, and job boards are also becoming more visible. The most visible concept of Web3 to the general public is NFTs/digital currency. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg to a whole online community in the middle of revolutionizing the internet. So what we have accomplished so far:

  • Started on the Polygon Mainnet and Zetachain testnet
  • Officially recognized on NFTScan Explorer
  • Integrated into the Zetachain Ecosystem
  • Integrated OKX Web3 wallet into ZNS Connect
  • Won 3rd place among 300 projects at the DoraHacks hackathon
  • Took 8th place in the NFT category on Magic Store
  • Earned top 100 account position in Link3 and DEBANK

ZNS Connect Seed Round: ZNT Unveiling

ZNS is a decentralized naming system on Zetachain. It simplifies digital interactions and helps to establish unique identities with you in control. An essential part of digital identity is having a currency. That is why we have spent countless hours developing the ZNT Token with the foundational concepts of Web3 in mind to propel our supporters into the future. The ZNT Token is an invaluable part of the economic concepts of Web3, and owners will have a direct impact on shaping the next generation of digital communities. For example, by purchasing ZNT tokens

  • You become part of the ZNS family and have an active say in the business proposals and decisions.
  • An upgraded account with bonus features and increased community involvement via exclusive raffles and giveaways.

ZNT Perks

We’ve spent a long time developing the ZNT token, and we’ve put together many exciting features and opportunities for those who invest in the community with ZNT purchases. Our tokens are balanced by hours and hours of research to strike a harmony between private and public sales so that we can get the best of both community and investor involvement. Because of this, we have a strong foundation for the ZNT Token based on licensing and integration fees with our partners, domain sales and registration/maintenance fees, and renewable fees via transfers and updates. This has provided a strong base for ZNT Tokens to start from, and with our eye on the future, the value will only go up.

We have tailored services as the Web3 community continues to grow, such as

  • Governance fees
  • Purchasing a stake in ZNS
  • Joining community-owned digital platforms focused on involvement
  • Auditing and analysis of your domains
  • Branding packages for you or your business
  • Digital currency and NFT marketplace
  • Seamless coordination with any with DeFi platforms,

which opens even more digital financial options.

Dreamers are building the future of the Web as we speak. ZNS is founded with our eyes on that future and with the conviction that we are helping build a better internet for all. Joining our community through the ZNT token means you’ll be a hands-on part of Web3 and the growth and development of digital communities.

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💡 Navigating Revenue Streams: The Heartbeat of Sustainability

- Domain Registration Fees:

Domain name registration and management is easy and user-friendly as our platform constantly evolves.

- Renew Fees:

Easy-to-use navigation of updates and transfers to facilitate our growth with every transaction.

- Premium Domain Sales:

Enjoy the evolving domain market, with regular auctions and direct sales of premium names, which boost our revenue streams.

- Partnerships and Integrations:

Our network is much more extensive than just partnerships. We have developed a diversified and holistic approach to growing our revenue, enjoying successful strategic alliances, proper licensing, and reasonable integration fees.

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Website: znsconnect.io

App: app.znsconnect.io

All Links: https://link3.to/znsconnect

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