The Matmo pre-sale has started and will list the main chain token Mamo in 2024

There was some unconfirmed news at the recent Blockchain Live conference that the famous exchange Binance will list Mamo in 2024. It is believed that definite news will flow out after the pre-sale of Matmo ends.

Mamo, a main-chain token on a mission to reach $100 billion in market capitalization, is going from strength to strength. The tokens in Phase 1 appear to be selling out soon, with the price in Phase 2 rising from $0.00005 to $0.0007.

Pass security audit

In order to ensure the credibility and security of the project, the Matmo contract has been thoroughly audited and has fully passed the Coinsult audit. Coinsult utilizes first-class manual security checks and artificial intelligence technology to protect smart contracts and Web3 applications.

Start marketing plan

The team also announced the launch of the highly anticipated referral program and marketing plan. Among them, the referral program includes payment of up to 5% referral fee to investors, which makes the Matmo community very happy. The marketing plan stated that Mamo will be in Various large and medium-sized encryption platforms promote Mamo, allowing the Mamo army to expand rapidly. More Mamo armies will join the community. I believe that a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will set off a revolution in the main chain market.

In a recent AMA, the team CEO said:

“We are extremely excited about the explosive growth of the Matmo brand, as this is exactly what is needed to drive the pre-sale to completion and get us trading on the largest exchanges. Our roadmap is 100% on track and we launch with referral programs, marketing, and users all over the world, Mamo is spreading virally.

Become a Cryptocurrency Influencer

Matmo has publicly stated that the project team’s goal is to reach a market value of US$100 billion and catch up with or even exceed Solana or Ripple before the next rise. As outlined in the white paper, the strategy is now to leverage strong marketing techniques to drive international investment and eventually list the project on a primary exchange. The team CEO also actively promoted the project at recent blockchain conferences in London and Dubai.

With AI support, there are broad application prospects

Matmo has strong practicalities, such as swap, staking, DeFi, NFT, bridge, on-chain transfer, etc. This is a project with strong genes and potential in the future. Matmo develops a language model based on artificial intelligence analysis. This artificial intelligence will promote mamo to be better used in finance, big data, games, etc. Mamo tokens are used for gas consumption on the chain and offset on-chain transfers. Handling fees, automatic destruction, burning, and constant deflation.

These efforts of Matmo have attracted people's attention, and now you can view Matmo on Twitter, magazines, crypto news, Youtube and other well-known influential platforms.

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