Revolutionize Your Subscription Management with Revuto: A New Era of Financial Control

Explore Revuto's app for managing subscriptions with Virtual Debit Cards. Control spending, avoid auto-renewals, and pay with fiat or crypto.

Have you ever thought about how many subscriptions you have and how much you are spending on them? As more and more goods and services are being offered with a subscription business model, chances are you are being pushed into subscribing to things you never even thought could be a subscription. At times it seems that things are getting out of control, but it shouldn’t have to be like that.

Fintech startup Revuto has a solution that makes sense. It offers a subscription management app that allows you to use Virtual Debit Cards that you top up using fiat currency or cryptocurrency to pay for any subscription that accepts a debit or credit card as a payment method. Your money is now under your control. No more free trial traps, unexpected autorenewal payments, or even forgetting to pay for a subscription that you need. Revuto’s Block. Snooze. Approve. Feature gives you the control that you deserve.

The subscription economy is a rapidly growing industry aiming to push 75% of all businesses to offer their products and services on a subscription business model in the next 3-5 years, the latest industry researchers say. Knowing that, the plan is to make subscriptions accessible to everyone and protect them from unwanted charges by allowing them to easily control to whom, when, how much, and with what (FIAT or Crypto) they pay.

People will be able to use the app to stake crypto and use staking rewards to cover their monthly expenses (stake to subscribe), borrow money to pay for their subscriptions even when they don’t have their own funds (buy now, pay later) and monetize unused subscription periods using Subscription NFTs.

Also, Revuto is the first company that will add a social component to your subscriptions, allowing you to share subscription payments with others, send them as a gift, or get suggestions on subscriptions you may be interested in trying out but without fear of losing money in so-called free-trial traps.

CEO Vedran Vukman explains all about what Revuto is in this video:

Looking at Revuto's Roadmap, what we see in the works for 2024 is the release of Revuto app v.4.0, which will see the launch of Revuto Debit Cards and offer users access to a custodial wallet. Users will also get the option of topping up their VDCs with cryptocurrency and staking Revuto's token - REVU - to earn staking rewards to pay for your subscriptions.

While Revuto built its REVU token on the Cardano network, it is planning to go multichain as it grows and needs extended opportunities to do that.

Revuto VDCs will support REVU, ADA, other Cardano Native Tokens, as well as other popular crypto assets like BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, and USDC. With the custodial wallet, the plan is to support 10 Cardano native assets and 10 crypto-assets from other popular chains.

Revuto holds a European E-Money License and empowers users to effortlessly navigate their monthly subscriptions, just like managing video or virtual machine services, while enabling payments.

Revuto will launch its debit card program in the EEA and UK in 2024. The plan is to extend coverage in other regions. So far, Revuto has offered its users passive subscription management where they can add their subscriptions to receive mobile and email notifications about due payments, secure password sharing, and storing, use a non-custodial crypto-wallet and staking center, and also use FIAT to crypto on-ramp.

Make sure to download the Revuto app today and find yourself among 358k users who have already registered. Get ready to save and even earn money on your subscriptions.


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Once you’ve downloaded the app, start earning REVU immediately by sharing your referral link with your friends. You’ll get one time rewards in REVU every time you bring your friend to Revuto but also a lifetime reward which could transfer to passive income in REVU, getting free REVU tokens every time your referred friend uses Revuto to pay for his subscriptions.

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