WhaleWire Confronts Ben Armstrong Over Scam Coin Reviews

BitBoy Crypto accuses his former team of making him participate in paid reviews for tokens that turned out to be rug pulls.

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WhaleWire estimates that Armstrong has already promoted at least eight scam coins since the YouTuber separated from the HIT Network and started his own account.

The conflict between popular YouTuber and crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy Crypto, and his former team, now in charge of Armstrong’s company HIT Network, is escalating. Ben seems to struggle with his frustration stemming from his separation from his famous YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto. One of the popular theories about his departure from HIT Network is likely to contribute to Ben’s dissatisfaction even more, as it claims that the influencer was fired from his own company for advertising scam tokens.

Being unable to cope with the growing accusations of shilling fraudulent crypto projects, Armstrong has decided to blame his former business partners Timothy Shedd Jr, aka Tj, and Justin Williams for "relentlessly pushing him to do sponsored coin reviews."

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According to one of his recent posts on X, Armstrong finally declared that he "had enough, and told them 'No more sponsored videos for coins ever on my channel,'" likely implying that his refusal might have been the reason why HIT Network’s team had to sever ties with the public face of the successful channel.

BitBoy Crypto also claims that the channel, after rebranding into Discover Crypto, is now "gearing up to do coin reviews for scammy projects" because it is "out of money," while doing paid coin reviews will give the company the possibility to "make upfront money."

In his thread, Armstrong also called Williams, the former HIT Network employee and founder of Voomio, a multi-chain aggregating NFT marketplace, "the King of pump and dumps."

"Creating coin reviews for scammy projects, pumping them on the front end, dumping them on the back end, and doing ANYTHING for survival," Armstrong added, believing that "People will now see who the evil people at BitBoy Crypto were."

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Other influencers from the crypto space appear to be quite careful not to get into disputes with Armstrong. Some of those who have expressed their opinions about Armstrong, such as YouTuber Atozy, enraged BitBoy Crypto to the extent that Ben filed a defamation lawsuit. However, the team behind WhaleWire, a popular platform providing financial news and analysis, responded to Armstrong’s monologue.

"You spent the last six years shamelessly shilling scam coins, and now you are trying to blame them for 'forcing you' to do it," WhaleWire commented on Ben’s thread. "You have legit shilled eight scam coins since you made your new account, are being sponsored by a gambling scam network, and asked your sheep for donations," WhaleWire added.

The response from Armstrong was quick - BitBoy Crypto blocked WhaleWire on X straight away.