Pioneers Tokenized Real Estate in Scandinavia: A Game-Changer in Property Investment

Revolutionizing the Rental Property Industry with Blockchain and Digital Assets, the leading innovator in the real estate investment space, is proud to announce a groundbreaking development in the world of property investment. With its mission to make affordable and sustainable living accessible to everyone, is set to disrupt the traditional rental property model through the power of blockchain and digital assets.

In a historic move, launched the first tokenized real estate project in Scandinavia, opening up a world of opportunities for investors looking to tap into the Scandinavian real estate market.

Key Message: – Investing for All presents an unparalleled opportunity for both seasoned investors and newcomers to secure passive incomes with ease. With an entry barrier as low as 100€, dismantles the traditional obstacles that have limited real estate investments to a select few. Now, every type of investor, from the smallest to the largest, can become a part of the Scandinavian real estate market.

In Denmark, properties have historically been known for their high cost of entry, often limiting access to this lucrative asset class to a privileged few. is committed to breaking down these financial barriers and democratizing access to Danish real estate. By tokenizing properties and offering low entry barriers, is leveling the playing field, allowing both local and global investors to participate in the Danish real estate market like never before. This revolutionary approach not only makes investing more inclusive but also opens up new avenues for affordable and sustainable living in Denmark.

Now, investors have the exceptional opportunity to participate in the first tokenized property in Denmark, Grev 55 Property—an unprecedented and groundbreaking opportunity within the Danish real estate market.

Details of the Announcement: Grev 55 Property

Situated in a serene corner of Vejle city center, the Grev 55 Property stands as an exceptional investment opportunity. Perched atop a hill, it offers an unrivaled panoramic view of Vejle, making it a picturesque and enticing location for investors.

What sets Grev 55 apart is its exclusive private drive, shared only with one neighboring house, ensuring privacy and tranquility. With the convenience of parking options for up to 10 cars, it caters to both residents and visitors alike.

Moreover, the property's idyllic location beside a meandering river provides residents with an oasis of lush trees and natural beauty. It's a unique opportunity to invest in something truly remarkable within the Danish real estate market. Learn more about Grev 55.


Thomas Christian Melskens (member of the board of advisors): "Founded to break down the barriers in real estate investment, Coreestate has emerged as a game-changer. Utilizing blockchain technology, the company has created a platform where anyone can invest in high-value properties, regardless of their financial background." Read more

Supporting Information: Coreestate's Vision for Affordable and Sustainable Living

At, the company's core vision is to transform the real estate landscape, aiming to ensure accessible and sustainable living for all. Their mission revolves around disrupting the conventional rental property model, advocating for consumer ownership of rental properties. Beyond profit, places a strong emphasis on the well-being of both properties and investors, with a commitment to making housing affordable for everyone.

The company is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and empowering individuals to invest in their future. Their vision extends beyond financial gains, as they aspire to create an inclusive real estate ecosystem where all stakeholders benefit. is driven by the goal of making a meaningful impact, one property at a time.

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