Top 10 Best Crypto Podcasts for Enthusiasts and Investors

Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with our curated list of the top 10 crypto podcasts. Gain insights, tips, and market analysis from leading experts in the field.


Cryptocurrency has rapidly evolved from a niche interest to a major financial market force, attracting a diverse audience eager to understand and capitalize on its potential. Podcasts have emerged as a valuable resource for staying informed and educated in this dynamic and often complex field. In this article, we explore the top 10 crypto podcasts that offer a wealth of knowledge, from beginner-friendly explanations to deep dives into advanced topics.

The Pomp Podcast

Host: Anthony Pompliano

Description: Anthony Pompliano delves into discussions with fascinating figures from business, finance, and Bitcoin. Known for his insightful questions, Pompliano explores the impact of cryptocurrency on global economics and personal finance.

Frequent Topics: Business strategies, market analysis, Bitcoin's evolving role

Estimated Listeners: 100,000+ per episode

Score: 4.9

Link: The Pomp Podcast


Host: Laura Shin

Description: Former Forbes journalist Laura Shin offers a critical and analytical approach to her in-depth interviews with crypto industry pioneers, providing insights into trends, regulatory developments, and the technological advancements shaping the field.

Frequent Topics: Regulatory landscape, blockchain technology, industry trends

Estimated Listeners: 50,000+ per episode

Score: 4.8

Link: Unchained

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Hosts: Joel Comm and Travis Wright

Description: This podcast offers a light-hearted and accessible approach to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Comm and Wright combine humor with expertise, making complex topics understandable and engaging for all.

Frequent Topics: Cryptocurrency basics, market updates, blockchain technology

Estimated Listeners: 30,000+ per episode

Score: 4.7

Link: The Bad Crypto Podcast

Crypto 101

Host: Bryce Paul & Aaron Malone

Description: Aimed at the average consumer and investor, "Crypto 101" breaks down crypto concepts into digestible segments, covering basics to the latest news, ensuring listeners stay informed and empowered.

Frequent Topics: Introductory crypto concepts, market news, investment strategies

Estimated Listeners: 20,000+ per episode

Score: 4.6

Link: Crypto 101

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Host: Trace Mayer

Description: Trace Mayer brings his deep expertise in Bitcoin to the forefront, interviewing key figures in the Bitcoin world. The podcast dives into complex topics like Bitcoin economics, governance, and community ethos.

Frequent Topics: Bitcoin economics, governance, technological advances

Estimated Listeners: 15,000+ per episode

Score: 4.5

Link: The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Speaking of Bitcoin

Hosts: Adam B. Levine, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Stephanie Murphy

Description: As a pioneering voice in the space, this podcast offers in-depth discussions on Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, blending technical knowledge with insightful commentary.

Frequent Topics: Technical aspects of Bitcoin, blockchain innovations, industry analysis

Estimated Listeners: 25,000+ per episode

Score: 4.4

Link: Let's Talk Bitcoin!


Host: Clay Collins

Description: Targeted towards serious investors, "Flippening" delves into cryptocurrency investment strategies, market trends, and in-depth analyses, providing valuable insights for high-level investment decisions.

Frequent Topics: Investment strategies, market analysis, cryptocurrency trends

Estimated Listeners: 10,000+ per episode

Score: 4.3

Link: Flippening

What Bitcoin Did

Host: Peter McCormack

Description: This podcast covers a broad range of topics within the Bitcoin space, from technical subjects to ethical and societal implications, through conversations with experts.

Frequent Topics: Bitcoin technology, ethical considerations, expert interviews

Estimated Listeners: 40,000+ per episode

Score: 4.2

Link: What Bitcoin Did


Hosts: Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture, Meher Roy

Description: "Epicenter" brings technical, academic, and business perspectives to the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency discussions, appealing to those seeking a deeper understanding of the industry's nuances.

Frequent Topics: Academic analysis, business implications, blockchain depth

Estimated Listeners: 18,000+ per episode

Score: 4.1

Link: Epicenter

The Decrypt Daily: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News Podcast

Host: Matthew Diemer

Description: Offering daily news updates, this podcast keeps listeners informed on the latest happenings in Bitcoin, blockchain, and the broader crypto market in a concise and engaging format.

Frequent Topics: Daily news, market updates, cryptocurrency insights

Estimated Listeners: 12,000+ per episode

Score: 4.0

Link: The Decrypt Daily