Limited time for BNB's favorite crypto project Alltoscan

ATS Token gains traction with BNB Chain partnership and successful pre-sale, raising $950k. Soon to be listed on T1 exchanges, it's eyed as a potential crypto star.

ATS Token, which attracted attention with its pre-sale event offering the opportunity to buy Alltoscan tokens at a discounted price, continues to gain momentum with the effect of its partnership with BNB Chain.

The fact that a major company like BNB Chain and the pioneer of the crypto industry has interacted with the Alltoscan token account more than once is fueling questions among the crypto community, "Could Alltoscan be the next crypto star?

The funds raised in the pre-sale of the project, which is nominated to be BNB Chain's favorite coin, exceeded 950 thousand dollars, indicating that investors are lining up to buy Alltoscan tokens.

Alltoscan cex listings are just a short time away

The Alltoscan token, whose pre-sale, which started on September 17, is progressing very quickly, is expected to be listed on leading T1 central exchanges in a short time. Alltoscan token, which is available for sale at discounted prices with pre-sale, has a total of 100 million token supply. Of this supply, 50 percent is allocated for marketing efforts, 20 percent for listing liquidity, 20 percent for the Alltoscan community and the remaining 10 percent for team and development.

There are 11 stages in the Alltoscan token pre-sale event and the token price is increased at each stage. In other words, users who invest in the early stages have the opportunity to make a profit before the cex listings are realized.

While the countdown tool activated on the Pre-Sale page shows that the number of days remaining is low, the chance to buy Alltoscan tokens at a discounted price is decreasing day by day.

With more than 1 million followers behind it, the Twitter interactions of Binance's company BNB Chain, and the staking mechanism to be launched soon to provide passive income, Alltoscan token is among the most popular pre-sale coins of recent days.

Investors interested in purchasing Alltoscan tokens can participate in the project's pre-sale event using BNB, BUSD or USDT (BEP20).