NiceHash announced its software fully unlocked Nvidia LHR cards

According to the hash power platform, its newest update to the mining software QuickMiner allows for 100% crypto mining speed.

A stock photo featuring the home-built cryptocurrency mining rig.

“Now you can earn more profits than any other mining software on the market if you are using LHR graphics cards with NiceHash QuickMiner,” the company announced. Support for the more advanced NiceHash Miner isn’t available yet but is “coming soon,” the blog post promises. Users should expect a plugin update on NiceHash Miner after the QuickMiner release.

The new update currently supports all LHR versions except for LHRv3 (3050 & 3080 12GB). For now, it works only on Windows and supports one DaggerHashimoto algorithm. Additionally, 100% unlock works only on the NiceHash platform, so miners can’t use it elsewhere.

Nvidia introduced its Light Hash Rate GPUs amid the mining craze in May 2021 in an effort to put cards back “into the hands of gamers everywhere.” These GPUs were specifically designed to make mining harder without sacrificing gaming performance. When the LHR card detects mining activity, it automatically reduces its computational power for solving cryptographic puzzles by 50%.

NiceHash is a global platform for cryptocurrency mining. Its marketplace connects miners and buyers of hashing power, with the latter redirecting it to the mining pools. The company also provides mining software that offers automatic optimization, recovery, and updates for mining devices.