STC.University becomes an official sponsor of SSRN academic database

A trailblazer in Web3 education, STC.University just took its partnerships game to the next level by announcing its sponsorship agreement with SSRN's Cryptocurrency Hub.

Giant bitcoin in the scientific lab surrounded by scientists, art by Midjourney

Faithful to its commitment to democratize Web3 access and foster broad participation in the new economic system, STC University unveiled a new partnership with SSRN’s Cryptocurrency Hub, an online repository dedicated to research papers on crypto economy and blockchain technology. At the time of writing, SSRN’s Cryptocurrency Special Topic Hub hosts over 2,000 papers covering all aspects of the crypto industry, from cryptography and distributed systems theory to regulatory policies and DAO governance.

Through this sponsorship, STC.University continues to raise the profile of its innovative online university to the international crypto community, offering a comprehensive curriculum with real-world projects developed in collaboration with leading crypto and blockchain experts.

The strategic partnership is expected to provide a smooth path for expanding STC.University’s outreach to potential students across the globe. The EdTech startup is also looking forward to collaborating with leading crypto scholars and researchers to further advance its educational mission.

“This is truly a remarkable moment for our team at STC.University and Student Coin as a whole,” said Maja Synowiec, the Vice President of Student Coin. “Since the inception of our company, our goal has been to bring together the crypto industry and academia, which, we believe, will unlock a powerful synergy and elevate crypto from the realm of niche cyberpunk movement to the realm of scientific exploration and academic debate. Today, we can see that our efforts and those of all parties involved are paying off — not only would this partnership lead to more students enrolling in the courses offered by our platform, but it would grant us access to the latest research and open doors to high-profile collaborations.”

About STC University

STC.University is an innovative online web3 university developed and powered by Student Coin. Unveiled in August, the platform already offers the flagship course on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that covers the basics of blockchain & smart contracts, decentralized exchanges, cybersecurity in crypto investing, derivatives trading, and decentralized loan management. Besides Foundations of DeFi, STC.University currently has other courses in the works as well that focus on developing the skills that are already or will be in demand in the near future, such as AI in everyday use and digital marketing. All courses' accessibility is based on $STC token purchase.

Visit STC.University for more information on its educational offerings.

About SSRN

SSRN (Social Science Research Network) is an online repository and preprint database for research papers globally, primarily in the fields of social sciences and humanities. SSRN provides a platform for researchers to share their papers before they undergo formal peer review and publication in academic journals. In contrast to traditional publishers that often charge steep fees for access to their articles, SSRN is known for its open-access model, making the hottest research freely available to the public in just a few clicks.

You can subscribe to the SSRN Cryptocurrency Special Topic eJournal here.