ETH20 Presale: The New Crypto Sensation Reviving April 2014's Ethereum Magic

Ever imagined what it would be like to travel back in time to April 2014 to invest in Ethereum at $1? Well, the ETH20 presale is here to give everyone that golden opportunity.

ETH20 is an innovative project that ingeniously mirrors Ethereum's mechanics on the Ethereum blockchain itself. The unique stake-to-earn and mint-to-earn rewards mechanism of this presale is garnering attention from investors, who anticipate a noteworthy supply shock post-presale and a significant initial price surge.

Back to 2014 with ETH20's Presale

The recent launch of the ETH20 presale presents everyone with a chance to invest in this "new Ethereum" at just $0.1. Built on Ethereum's blockchain, ETH20 is an ERC-20 reincarnation of Ethereum itself.

The project introduces a verifiable staking contract which releases ETH20 tokens in alignment with Ethereum's block rewards schedule. This approach gives each ETH20 staker a share of these rewards, thanks to the environmentally-friendly proof-of-stake mining mechanism.

Echoing Ethereum's early days in 2014, the presale mirrors Ethereum's then-price of $0.1 and a circulating supply of 30 million ETH. Thus, the presale aims to sell 30 million ETH20 at $0.1 each, with funds raised contributing towards further development, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

An ode to the original Ethereum, ETH20 has a total supply of 120 million tokens. After the presale, a minimum of 78 million ETH20 will be locked in the staking contract, with 12 million for liquidity and any unsold ETH20 also being locked there, ensuring a community-driven ecosystem devoid of potential rug-pull. ETH20's contract code has been manually audited by Coinsult and declared to be entirely secure, boosting confidence and trust in ETH20 platform.

ETH20: The Next-Gen Ethereum with Upgraded Features

Investors are buzzing about ETH20's Stake-to-Earn feature, which rewards stakers each time a block is confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain — typically every 12 seconds.

As a block is confirmed, a specific number of ETH20 tokens are distributed to stakers in proportion to their stake. The higher the stake, the higher the rewards. This system is designed to facilitate a community-driven ecosystem where collective staking actions drive the prosperity of all investors.

With over 75% of the ETH20 supply locked in the staking contract, experts anticipate a supply shock in the market. This shock is expected to increase the scarcity of ETH20 on the open market, potentially driving the token's value up.

Furthermore, the integration of ETH20 with Ethereum's blockchain simplifies its use. Holders can use familiar MetaMask wallets or any ERC-20-compliant service for decentralized self-custody, laying the foundation for increased ETH20 utility through future dApps and services.

A Unique Opportunity in the NFTs World with ETH20

The excitement surrounding ETH20 goes far beyond stake-to-earn. This token is your passport to a new universe of collectibles — NFTs! ETH20 presents the ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection, a mesmerizing collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that encapsulate Ethereum's essence and the artistic allure of pixel art.

By investing a minimum of $200 in ETH20 tokens, early investors unlock the opportunity to mint a top-tier NFT or multiple NFTs from the exclusive ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection for free! Right after minting, buyers can unveil and start trading their NFTs on OpenSea immediately. This golden opportunity could yield significant returns, especially for early adopters.

The Clock is Ticking: Grab your ETH20 at $0.1

The presale is underway and presents the sole opportunity to buy ETH20 at $0.1. Due to the limited supply resulting from staking, experts predict the price of ETH20 will rise significantly as soon as it hits exchanges.

Some early investors even predicted 100x returns on the project upon its launch. But with a hard cap of just $3 million, the presale is likely to sell out rapidly.

So here's your chance to make the most of this second opportunity to buy the "new Ethereum" at just $0.1 again. Hurry, as this window will not remain open for long!

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