Unlocking the Future: Blockchain Expo Europe 2023 in Amsterdam

Discover the transformative world of blockchain, Web3, and cutting-edge tech trends at the event filled with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and presentations from top companies and experts in the field.

Blockchain Expo Europe 2023 graphics
This year, the list of conference speakers includes representatives from Coinbase, Alpine Racing, AXA France, Mastercard, Vodafone Business, and many other industry leaders.

It is time for all you blockchain geeks to attend Blockchain Expo Europe 2023, one of the largest networking events in the tech world. Tech industry leaders will set sail once again on September 26-27 for this ultimate conference and exhibition, featuring over 6,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 150 speakers. Feel the weight of this event!

Since the advent of blockchain technology, an increasing number of individuals from various fields, including tech professionals, developers, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders, have become deeply engaged with Web 3. Blockchain Expo Europe, sponsored by such prominent companies as Lama, Coinbase, and Zanders, is the epicenter of this transformative unity. This conference provides a unique opportunity for executives from leading companies, developers, and enthusiasts to come together. Notably, it has already attracted industry giants like Warner Bros, Mastercard, Digishares, and Vodafone.

Newcomers and seasoned individuals in the tech industry alike can discover valuable insights into revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain and Web3. A wide range of topics including Web3 solutions for enterprises, blockchain for businesses, cryptocurrencies, tokens, DeFi, digital assets, the metaverse, and Web3-based apps and gaming are explored in-depth here.

Why attend when you can find information online?

While it is true you can learn from home, events like Blockchain Expo provide valuable, trustworthy insights shared directly by industry experts. While most of this information is exclusive and not yet available online, Blockchain Expo makes it accessible at the same spot. For your convenience, TechEx, the host of the conference, organizes five other events at the same location and time. Thus, in addition to diving deep into Web 3, you will also get a chance to expand your knowledge about the current trends in AI, IoT, cyber security, cloud technologies, and digital transformation.

Furthermore, Blockchain Expo provides significant networking opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts alike. For individuals already in the industry, it serves as a hub for fostering valuable business connections and exploring innovative ideas.

Meanwhile, for new developers, whether self-taught or graduates, the event offers a valuable shortcut, saving countless hours of fruitless online applications. In-person interactions often prioritize your immediate impression and charisma, unlike the online realm where you are just another cold application.

Some of the awaited presentations on the agenda include:

  • "Brand Metaverse Experimentation" by Cyrille Magnetto, VP Innovation , AXA France
  • "Building Next Generation Enterprise with Web3" by Maximus Ndaboka, Global Enterprise Data Management Transformation Manager, PepsiCo
  • "Metaverse – The New Future of Work?" by David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone Business
  • "Presentation: Can Europe lead the transition into Web3 and DeGov?" by Joao Rodrigues Frade, Head of Sector of Digital Building Blocks & Innovative Services, European Commission.

Numerous panels, workshops, and a large networking party are on the agenda too.

So, what are you waiting for? Open your calendar and mark these two days for ultimate learning and networking on September, 26 and 27 at RAI, Amsterdam.