Coinpaper’s social media activity: April 2022. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

How did we perform? The first very quick summary. Prepared in cooperation with our SM team

The one-month period is enough to review our social media performance and maybe even draw some conclusions. (We deliberately skipped March since there were a lot of improvements and bug-fixing that time, so the statistics wouldn’t be very accurate).


Impression - how many times users displayed a particular tweet on Twitter.

According to our analytics, during this 28-day period, we earned 2.5K impressions a day.

On average, we earned 17 link clicks, 18 retweets without comments, and 50 likes per day.


Page reach is the number of people who displayed any content from the page or about the page (including posts, stories, ads, social information from people who interact with the page, and more).

Keep in mind that reach is different from impressions, which may include multiple views of your posts by the same people.

Our current audience for both Facebook and Instagram is diversified by nations (top nations being Turkey, United States, Poland, Spain, and Italy on Facebook and Turkey, Poland, United States, Greece, and France on Instagram), mostly aged 25-34, predominantly males.

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