Elon Musk changed Twitter profile pic to BAYC collage, which he doesn't own

Musk’s new profile pic could be the most glaring display yet of his support for crypto, or the direct opposite.

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Twitter’s prospective owner Elon Musk suddenly changed his profile picture on the platform to a collage known as 101 Bored Apes. First made for an auction Sotheby’s organized in the fall of 2021, the collage was sold for $24.4m.

It’s not clear who bought 101 Bored Apes, but according to Michael Bouhanna, Co-Head of Digital Art Sales at Sotheby’s, it was not Elon Musk.

In the past, Musk has repeatedly expressed his support for cryptocurrencies, especially Dogecoin, which considers the SpaceX co-founder its unofficial ambassador, but until now, Musk has been much less enthusiastic about NFTs. Earlier this year, rumors spread that he has used the services of MoonPay to buy Bored Ape #1837 for 569 ETH, but Musk never confirmed this.

The move was readily interpreted as proof of Musk’s change of heart, but his apparent response to Bouhanna suggested otherwise, promptly rekindling the debate around NFT owners’ rights to the images their NFTs carry.