Korean Neowiz Leaps into Blockchain Gaming with Avalanche

Neowiz announces its ambitious move to develop games on the Avalanche blockchain, marking a significant stride in Web3 gaming.

Young Korean person playing games

South Korea's widely recognized gaming giant, Neowiz, made an exciting announcement. They revealed plans to utilize the Avalanche blockchain for their future gaming development endeavors. The announcement of this critical stride towards Web3 gaming was made public during an event at Seoul's AVALANCHE HOUSE.

Well-known for their significant impact in South Korea's gaming community, Neowiz has notably shaped many aspects of how the country has embraced gaming culture. The rampant demand for esports and blockchain games in the country solidifies Neowiz's position as one of the top five gaming firms measured by market capitalization.

Over the past 25 years, Neowiz has continuously impressed gamers with a variety of offerings; take for example their delightful game 'Cats & Soup.' Right now, the game that has everyone talking is their soon-to-be-released 'Lies of P.' This game, said to take its inspiration from the classic tale of Pinocchio, is already generating buzz as a potential bestseller in 2023. Taegeun "Andrew" Bae, co-CEO of Neowiz, shared that the company enjoyed a remarkable $51-million revenue in the past year, showcasing its continued success.

This move by Neowiz is a bright signal of traditional gaming firms recognizing the potential of blockchain and Web3. This hints at a new era in gaming that could provide players with more engaging and nuanced experiences. Neowiz's foray into Avalanche's blockchain is but a glimpse of a broader shift in the global gaming industry where several industry bigwigs explore blockchain possibilities. Especially in South Korea, various gaming companies lead the way in incorporating blockchain technology in their platforms, adding exciting new prospects to the gaming landscape.