Scammers Fake Friend.Tech Airdrops for Phishing Attacks

Scammers are draining the wallets of crypto investors by luring them with fake airdrops of tokens redirecting to phishing websites.

A bag of money falling from the sky with a parachute
The enormous success of has attracted scammers who launched fishing websites for the promotion of fake airdrops.

Cybersecurity firm CertiK warns crypto users against fake airdrop websites posing as, a new crypto-based social application designed as a tokenization protocol. According to CertiK, airdrop announcements promising users free FRIEND tokens are placed on phishing websites designed to drain crypto wallets.

One of the phishing websites to be avoided is hxxps://

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The authentic project indeed offers airdrops to its users. According to the information shared by the platform’s team with X (formerly Twitter) users on August 19, it had already completed its first Friday Point Airdrop rewarding 44,000 app users.

The team plans to distribute 100 million points during the beta phase, which will last six months. developers emphasize that the airdrops are scheduled for Fridays, while the distributed points "are recorded off-chain."

The team promises that "the points will have a special purpose once the beta period ends" and recommends users not use any special methods to get more points. stresses that "it is best to use the app as you normally would."

The project's team also warns of possible changes to the points already distributed "if issues arise."

Meanwhile today, CoinGecko, the leading cryptocurrency data aggregator, listed the legitimate tokens associated with the platform. "We've added a new category for wrapped versions of shares represented as ERC-20 tokens on the Base network," the aggregator announced on X.

Some of the tokens listed on CoinGecko were issued by X influencers Sisyphus, Foobar, Iceberg, and Adam Cochran. The most expensive token to date is that of Sisyphus, which traded at $32.35 at press time.

Scammers will likely make further attempts to exploit the unexpected popularity of the new service.

Since its launch less than two weeks ago, on August 10, has been gaining momentum resulting in $709,739 in revenue gained within the last 24 hours. As per data from on-chain analytics platform Defi Llama, has already become the third most profitable crypto project following Tron, with its 24-hour revenue of $835,515, and Ethereum, which generated $1.02 million during the same period.

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The project's impressive financial success is attributed to its revenue generation system. So far, the platform is used by X personalities and is available to users by invitation. has closed chats that can only be accessed by purchasing shares generated through the platform. Each transaction processed through the service requires a payment of 5% of the transfer's value.

Defi Llama's latest data shows the total value of fees on exceeded $1.04 million today.