Task failed successfully: hacker exploits DeFi ecosystem, fails to take $1m profit

The hacker attacked the lesser-known Zeed protocol but self-destructed a malicious contract before they could withdraw the tokens.

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According to BlockSec, a DeFi security company, the attacker exploited the reward distribution vulnerability, which allowed them to mint extra tokens. However, the hacker hasn’t transferred any funds before killing the attack contract. BlockSec suggested that perhaps “he/she was too excited.”

DeFi hackers typically transfer stolen crypto to the attack contract, which then sends it to the wallet and self-destructs. However, in this case, the hacker seems to simply forget to transfer tokens to the wallet.

Following the attack, Zeed native token YEED crashed to the near-zero values. Interestingly, the Zeed team remained silent about the attack and hasn’t yet commented on the hack despite being tagged in the BlockSec tweet.

A chart featuring YEED/USDT trading pair
Source: dexscreener.com