Israeli startup Briya raised $5.5m for its blockchain-based healthcare data exchange network

Briya announced it completed a $5.5m seed round led by Amiti Ventures with participation from global software investor Insight Partners and Innocare Health Investments.

Stock photo of a scientist examining DNA models in a modern genetic research laboratory

Briya platform provides medical researchers with first-rate datasets. Using Briya, scientists create customizable queries to receive only the data they need and pay just for that. According to the company’s team, their platform is “the most secure in the industry, and yet more affordable, 10x faster, and FHIR standardized.”

Since patient data is often dispersed across different organizations and goes well beyond any single database, Briya pulls it from various sources, including governmental reports, hospitals, digital health apps, genetics labs, electronic medical records, and research institutions. However, here comes the problem of data duplication, which can skew research results. To solve it, Briya applies a cryptographic Zero-Knowledge-Proof algorithm. Once the patient data is collected and matched, it’s de-identified while maintaining maximum accuracy and clinical value. The network then plants a token that cannot be traced by either party so that the researcher ends up with a single unified and reliable record.

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Additionally, Briya ensures each data transaction is 100% safe and compliant. The built-in smart contracts enforce sensitive personal data regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. The platform also developed an infrastructure that translates all datasets, no matter how diverse, into the international FHIR standard.

GIF image from the Briya website home page featuring a scientist and the data charts.

"Existing healthcare data infrastructure is siloed, inefficient, and ineffective," said Fabio Lievano, AbbVie VP Safety Science and a Briya Advisor. "Researchers and healthcare organizations are being presented data in a vacuum, making it difficult to provide the patient with the most accurate treatment. Briya connects the data to immediately display a complete picture of the patient's comprehensive history."

Briya believes it can deliver what is known as a "holy grail" of good data: longitudinal, live, and linked with unparalleled patient privacy protection. Its platform allows pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and life sciences institutions to access structured and reliable data, which will greatly aid them in treating and potentially curing many diseases.

Amiti is one of Israel's top-performing early-stage venture capital firms, which seeded and scaled some of the country’s most prominent technology startups, including Next Silicon, Demostack, Vayyar, Innoviz, Valens, Cycognito, and more. Insight Partners is a global software investor with over $90b of assets under management that seeks to fund companies that are driving transformative change in their industries.