Axe launches a limited edition of DogeCan stick deodorant

To celebrate DogeDay on April 20, Axe offers just 100 sticks available for purchase exclusively with Dogecoin.

A stock photo of cropped man's hand spraying deodorant from the black can.

“DogeCan: The Stick” is the second Doge-themed product introduced by Axe, a brand of male grooming products marketed toward the young male demographic. The company promised that the limited-edition deodorant featuring “48H Crypto Scent with a Dank Musk” is “dropping very soon.” However, some followers voiced their disappointment with the size of the edition.

A crypto influencer and Dogecoin supporter Matt Wallace tweeted in support of the product and encouraged other companies to “do cool stuff like this with Dogecoin” for retweets from the community. In the meantime, Axe SMM person asked followers to vote for DogeCan in The Webby People’s Voice awards in Advertising, Media & PR.