UFO hearings spawn a shitcoin rush with over 50 newly created alien-themed tokens

Alien-themed tokens are on the rise, with the UFO fuss gaining momentum. During yesterday's Congress hearing, US military veterans once again accused the government of alien cover-up.

Alien crypto

Are extraterrestrials able to survive in the crypto space? It's too soon to tell, but they breed easily. According to data from DexTools (a DeFi platform providing price charts of all sorts of DEX tokens), first picked up by Cointelegraph, over 50 alien-themed shitcoins popped up within the last 24 hours. "Coins" with tickers like Alien or UFO tempt traders with total liquidity below $1 or holders number below 30.

Some ET-related tokens have a longer history, though, and are tied to projects that at least try to prove their goal and value. One example is the $LIFE token, linked to the Proof of Alien Life (POAL) initiative launched in October 2022. The project has a dedicated website under a proofofalien.life domain and claims to "serve as the portal for the latest news and discussion surrounding the UAP / UFO phenomenon."

Users able to come up with compelling UFO footage and actively participate in the debate can hope to be "rewarded in native $LIFE token." Even if there's a trace of sincerity in these declarations, it's tainted by the fact that all Twitter accounts attributed to the project's creators are non-existent.

DexTools lists a plethora of other alien-related tokens of varying-to-low credibility. Nearly all of them have a short history of less than two years, with most being several months old. The uptick in ET-themed token popularity correlates with the growing fuss around the UFO phenomenon – rebranded to unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP) some time ago – which has finally made it to the US Congress.

The first congressional hearing on the issue took place on May 17, 2022, when members of the United States House Intelligence Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation met with top military officials to discuss military reports on what used to be called "flying saucers." The hearings followed a series of media reports about the Pentagon trying to secretly investigate unexplained phenomena and the release of an unclassified report by the US Director of National Intelligence in June 2021, which concluded that 144 UFO incidents dating back to 2004 defied explanation.

Yesterday, alien affairs were brought to light again, with new testimonies from retired military and intelligence veterans who accused US government institutions of cover-up, including secretive attempts to reverse-engineer crashed alien aircraft.

With more such revelations making headlines, we can expect growing investment opportunities in the ET segment of the crypto space. So, brace up, degens!