Is Token Metrics worth it?

Token Metrics, an AI-powered crypto analytics tool from influential investor Ian Balina is gaining traction, but many traders need more details

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Token Metrics from Ian Belana has its own NFT collection that grants unlimited lifelong access to the entire platform’s functionality

Due to the particularly unpredictable nature of digital assets, which, along with fantastic opportunities to gain significant profits, can also make you bankrupt, every crypto trader runs the risk of becoming nothing more than a token collector. To avoid such a scenario, investors are developing various strategies and tools aimed at increasing the accuracy of their financial forecasts based on data-driven decisions. Data scientists and crypto native research analysts have teamed up to increase the effectiveness of trading by using machine learning algorithms that gain insights from large amounts of historical data.

The result of this collaboration is Token Metrics, a solution based on artificial intelligence designed to make crypto investments more efficient. Many traders are hesitant to use this tool because Token Metrics' services are themselves an investment. This Token Metrics review will provide more information on the analytics software and its costs.

How can a cryptocurrency investment research firm enhance your trading?

Token Metrics, launched in 2018 by the author of "The Crypto Investing Guide" Ian Balina, promises its users to "unleash their investment potential and navigate the crypto markets effectively" with its cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence, which "revolutionizes crypto investing and trading."

The main product of Token Metrics is an analytics platform designed to provide traders with timely insights for accurate price predictions. Furthermore, Token Metrics plans to soon release its own chatbot to make information on various cryptocurrencies even more accessible. Additionally, the team of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence professionals shares their research with the investor community on the Token Metrics YouTube channel and Telegram account.

How much does it cost to analyze crypto with artificial intelligence?

When you go to the Token Metrics main page, you will be able to access a number of dashboards for free. They include:

  • Token Metrics Market Indicator;
  • Token Metrics Market Signal;
  • Percent of Bullish Token Metrics Grades;
  • Percent of Bullish vs Bearish;
  • Total Crypto Market Cap;
  • Bitcoin vs Altcoin Season;
  • Annualized Historical Volatility;
  • Sector Analysis;
  • Top 20 Daily Performers;
  • Market Movers.

Token Metrics welcomes new users to create a free account that provides access to the Rating Page, where one can learn more about tokens, gain a comprehensive market overview on the Market Page, receive a weekly newsletter, and join Token Metrics' private Telegram group.

Unfortunately, it appears the service does not allow unregistered guests to check any information on particular cryptocurrencies, whether it is the Tesla token, SMOKE token, SPACEX token, or Dogecoin and XRP. In fact, without registration, the platform only shows the price of Bitcoin and Ether but does not allow users to explore more information about these tokens.

Traders who want to gain more access to the features of the Token Metrics Analytics Platform can choose between two paid accounts: Advanced and Premium, which are available for monthly and yearly payments.

At press time, the monthly fee for the Advanced plan was $39.99, presumably discounted from $99.99, while the annual fee was $399.99, also with an over 50% discount. In addition to the basic features mentioned above, this plan also supports the Trading View Indicator, Crypto indices, Visual Trend Indicator, Profit and Loss, Support and Resistance Level, Seven Day Price Predictions, Market Cap Predictions, AI-Based Investment Reports, and Research Page.

A Premium account worth almost $2,000 annually or $199.99 monthly also gives traders an opportunity to use the AI-powered Correlation Analysis and Sentiment Analysis features.

Interestingly, Token Metrics also offers its users lifetime access. To gain it, you have to purchase an Astrobot Society NFT listed on OpenSea.

"A PFP Membership collection granting lifetime access to AI-driven Crypto and NFT research. On a mission to help all of humanity achieve economic empowerment through crypto. Brought to you by Token Metrics," the token description on OpenSea says.

It is not exactly clear which one of the over 4,000 Astrobots can give its owner unlimited access to the platform’s functionality. Many NFTs in the collection are offered for a price close to the floor value, which was equal to 0.087 ETH ($167.83 at the time of publication). This is almost five times more than the Open AI stock price, which was $37.23 at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, Astrobot 3541 has a value of 10 ETH or almost $20,000.

Users about the platform - Token Metrics Review

Users' opinions about the machine learning algorithms behind Token Metrics and its functionality vary significantly.

At press time, the ratings page on the independent review platform TrustPilot based on ninety-three reviews was 4.4, which is regarded by the service as excellent. Then, the most recent reviews were posted in March, when users expressed their fascination with the platform’s approach to educating its users and carefully preparing them to use the tool.

"An excellent tool for crypto investors. Token Metrics provides tons of metrics, indicators, and data to help crypto investors make smarter investment decisions. They are always improving the platform and adding additional value," TrustPilot user Doug T expressed a popular positive opinion about Token Metrics.

At the same time, the most recent negative review of Token Metrics was published in January, when one of the users called the platform "a poor copy of Coin Gecko." Two months before that review, one of the Token Metrics users also reported that the service had stopped working, although this did not appear to be the case at the time of publication.

Meanwhile, Chillreptile, an online resource for marketers, mentioned the intuitive platform’s design, a large collection of analytical functions, and an expert team of developers as the advantages of Token Metrics. At the same time, Chillreptile found the tool too complicated for beginning investors. Chillreptile also believes this solution is overpriced and that its customer service "needs improvement."

Do you need Token Metrics?

Token Metrics, like other platforms utilizing AI robots, can help users decide how and when to invest their money. It is definitely an effective way to reduce the resources you have to spend on your own research, especially if you prefer the strategies used by quant traders who process data with mathematical and statistical models. However, it is necessary to remember that no tool can guarantee flawless data, making all your investments profitable. No one can predict the future, regardless of how effective an analysis software suite may be.

If you have already checked the ratings of Token Metrics and watched the YouTube videos from Ian Balina and his team but still cannot decide about purchasing access to the platform, you can try one-week free access to the Advanced and Premium versions of the tool. This is the best way to understand whether you really need Token Metrics.

Note that according to Token Metrics, you will be charged automatically if you do not cancel your subscription within seven days. Alternatively, you can consider other tools for crypto data analytics, such as the Nansen AI cryptocurrency and NFT analytics tool or Coinrule, a platform facilitating AI for automated crypto trading.

You might also be interested in Token Metrics if you want to invest in NFT projects.