Crypto scams identified in less than 5 seconds: De.Fi launches its Crypto's First Antivirus on KAVA EVM

De.Fi has launched its Crypto's First Antivirus on yet another network. The web3 security suite allows users to identify malicious smart contracts and protect their wallets from crypto scams.


De.Fi has announced the launch of its Crypto's First Antivirus on Kava EVM – yet another in a series of integrations the platform has completed in recent months. De.Fi's Crypto's First Antivirus, "the world's first crypto antivirus," is a multi-layer web3 security platform built with machine learning algorithms.

It aims to protect users from interacting with high-risk, potentially malicious assets. Founded in 2020, De.Fi is also the creator of the Web3 SuperApp – a multichain dashboard supporting over 40 blockchains and more than 350 protocols.

Now, you can get your dapp lightning fast and secure thanks to a De.Fi-Kava integration

In the last integration, De.Fi has merged its suite with the Kava blockchain, an Ethereum virtual machine-compatible smart contract execution platform, enabling Solidity-based dapps to benefit from the Kava network's speed, scalability, and security. In the previous months, De.Fi has launched its web3 antivirus on Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Celo, Cronos Chain, and more.

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The company claims, its Crypto's First Antivirus "is the result of 2 years of development and comprehensive analysis of more than 12 million smart contract vulnerabilities on more than 1.15 million transactions, and is the most sophisticated and complete security tool for anyone transacting in Web3." De.Fi's solutions have been adopted for research and security by high-profile companies and institutions, including Coingeco, the University of London, the National University of Singapore, and more.

De.Fi Scanner and De.Fi Shield for digital asset protection. How does a Crypto's First Antivirus work?

Crypto's First Antivirus, aka De.Fi Safe, includes two components:

1) De.Fi Scanner, for performing lightning-fast technical audits and liquidity analyses of tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts,

2) and De.Fi Shield, which automatically scans a user's wallet for risky tokens and approvals, identifies potentially malicious assets, and produces a detailed risk description.

The scanner is a straightforward tool allowing users to verify contract addresses through the search bar. A scan takes a few minutes to complete, and it provides you with a user-friendly report highlighting potential risks related to the smart contract in question, ranging from minor issues to major vulnerabilities likely to compromise your assets. Based on the report, users can make better-informed decisions about interacting with a given smart contract.

On the other hand, De.Fi Shield does the job automatically, searching for insecure assets and approvals in your wallet in a matter of seconds to notify you of potential risks and protect you from financial loss.

Crypto's First Antivirus API made available free of charge

De.Fi provides access to the API for Crypto's First Antivirus, which allegedly allows developers to build the antivirus in two days. Recently, the company offered the API free of charge for two years for those who "apply now." It's been nearly two weeks since, but the offer may still stand if you care to ask.