'Quantum Leap' upgrade boosts Ethereum mainnet speed

Starknet's Quantum Leap upgrade recently hit the Ethereum mainnet, enabling up to 90 TPS and significantly enhancing network speed.

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The Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain, Starknet, has taken a significant stride forward with the successful deployment of its "Quantum Leap" upgrade. This upgrade, which went live earlier today, is a pivotal development designed to enhance the blockchain's transactional capacity and speed.

Starknet, an integral layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, initiated the Quantum Leap upgrade on its Goerli testnet just a week ago. This was followed by a community-wide vote, where an overwhelming 97.91% of participants gave the green light for the upgrade to be implemented on the mainnet.

StarkWare, the innovative company steering the Starknet blockchain, reported that during the testing phase, the transactions per second (TPS) hit a peak of 90 on several occasions. However, the TPS maintained a consistent rate of 37. This represented a significant acceleration from the network's prior transaction speed of 10 TPS.

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Besides augmenting throughput, the Quantum Leap upgrade has also brought about enhancements in latency. Under regular circumstances, the upgrade has managed to trim down the time-to-inclusion to less than 10 seconds, surpassing the expected 15 seconds.

StarkWare foresees that these improvements will facilitate the scaling of Ethereum applications in sectors such as DeFi and gaming. This is achieved by offering users faster transactions and increased throughput.

Looking ahead, Starknet has a series of upgrades lined up for the remainder of the year as per their project roadmap. These upgrades are aimed at enhancing the scalability of the blockchain by reducing transaction fees and shortening block intervals. This will further solidify Starknet's position as a leading layer-2 solution, providing a robust and efficient platform for developers and users alike.