Proof of Learn's First Project: Metacrafters

Metacrafters is an educational game that teaches how to write smart contracts and rewards users with crypto and NFTs as they master new skills.

A stock image featuring a hand touching a small globe on the futuristic background.

Proof of Learn (POL) is an educational platform with a noble mission to provide accessible and high-quality education on Web3 technologies. The project aims to address the skills shortage already experienced by the Web3 economy and saturate the market of smart contract and on-chain developers.

POL is an early-stage startup, with the series A funding yet to come. In January 2022, it secured $15m in a seed round led by venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, with participation from Animoca Brands, GoldenTree Asset Management, gumi Cryptos Capital and Infinity Ventures Crypto. New Enterprise Associates is known for making numerous investments in the education industry, including online learning platforms Coursera, MasterClass, Everfi, and DesireToLearn.

Metacrafters is the first POL project it promised to deliver in mid-2022. The learning program consists of three modules, namely, Creating your first NFT, Deploying your first smart contract, and Creating your first staking application. To make the learning process fun and immersive, Metacrafters built impressive game lore:

“After laying waste to Zeronians, the power-hungry Centralians have enslaved humanity by building colossal servers deep within the husks of dying stars and, in turn, shackling the web, halting progress and spiraling civilization into a second Dark Age.

When hope is all but lost, an academy is born in the far reaches of the galaxy, within the ancient ruins and libraries of the Zeronians. Various factions have risen, each possessing coveted power of Chain magic capable of overthrowing the Centralians.”

POL team sees the rise of Web3 as an opportunity to narrow the pay gap between engineers in developed and developing nations. Proof of Learn initiatives will target students mainly from emergent economies such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The platform will also allow companies to access real-time information about students’ credentials and learning process data, hoping it will aid employment matching.

"As a team with strong personal ties to developing countries, like the Philippines, we care deeply about creating new education and employment opportunities across the globe," said CEO Sheila Lirio Marcelo.