WIN NFT HERO Coming Soon to the APENFT Launchpad with Limited Release of the New HERO Mystery Box

WIN NFT HERO, a strategy game built on Tron, has been garnering a lot of attention. Following the official launch of the game’s v2.0 and the new HERO system in April 2023, WIN NFT HERO officially launched v2.1 with an open beta test on June 1. Along with that news, an official announcement was made that the S1 Million Dollar Season event will be launched on June 15.

According to the official announcement, WIN NFT HERO S1 season game scenario is a PvP points tournament. Only players with 3N and above quality heroes can participate. WIN NFT HERO's S1 season event includes an abundance of $NFT, $WIN, $WNH and high-quality NFT rewards.

New players who want to participate in the WIN NFT HERO S1 season must first obtain a HERO NFT. The cost of the WIN NFT HERO depends upon what version it is. There are 5 qualities to choose from, ranging from low to high: N (green), R (blue), SR (purple), SSR (orange), and UR (red). The higher the quality of the HERO, the stronger the HERO is.

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Currently, the WIN NFT HERO game contains a total of 58 heroes in 11 lineups, 19 of which are new heroes added when v2.0 was launched. Since the new heroes have different attributes, skills, bond effects, etc., players with new heroes will be able to experiment with more strategic combinations as well as have a greater advantage in matchmaking.

To celebrate the upcoming S1 season and help players achieve better scores, WIN NFT HERO announced that a new Hero Mystery Box sale will go live on APENFT Launchpad on June 16, 2023. 200 Hero Mystery Boxes will be available, priced at 10 USDD per box. Each box will include five new heroes, distributed according to the rarity.

These limited v2.1 HERO Mystery Boxes are exclusive to the APENFT Launchpad. As the S1 season approaches, expect these highly scarce new HERO NFTs to be even more popular.


WIN NFT HERO is a "GameFi + NFT" strategy game, built on the TRON blockchain. It offers all kinds of heroes, equipment, and other NFT in-game assets for individual players to enjoy as they play, earn, and collect.

WIN NFT HERO requires players to match different strategic formations according to hero attributes in order to win on the battlefield. The goal of WIN NFT HERO is simple – to unite players around the world through blockchain gaming with a shared economy that transcends real world values. This “GameFi + NFT” game provides players with an unprecedented experience in immersive entertainment.

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