Ethereum executes its first mainnet shadow fork, pushing toward the Merge

Ethereum Foundation developer Marius Van Der Wijden said that they executed their first mainnet shadow fork.

Ethereum devs announced PoS transition was one step closer after the first mainnet shadow fork was successfully carried out, a moment Van Der Wijden referred to as "close to a historical event."

EF developer Parithosh Jayanthi explained on Twitter that the shadow fork was necessary as a way to “stress test” the sync and state growth of the network, adding that the operation “does not affect the canonical chain in any meaningful way”.

However, Jayanthi did warn that transactions on the shadow fork could also appear on the main chain, advising caution.

In a related development, the EF confirmed that public testnet forking timing would be decided on April 29 at Core Devs call. Before that happens, another mainnet shadow fork will be carried out on April 22.