Snoop Dogg drops virtual land pitches in collab with his son and Clay Mates

The hip-hop legend will give the Cardano community access to over 20,000 plots of virtual land, hyping up a larger NFT project.

Cardano and Clay Nation users will be able to snatch pitches in the Clay Verse, Sonic, Underworld, and Bake Nation. The drop comes as Snoop Dogg launches an NFT collaboration with the Cardano-based NFT developer Clay Mates and his son Cordell Broadus, also known as Champ Medici.

Apart from the land pitches, the collab will include clay animations and unreleased music by Snoop Dogg. Additionally, Champ Medici announced that each Baked plot includes a collectible “claymation” that will unlock exclusive content in the future.

As many as 19,500 pitches on Sonic and Underworld will be reserved for Clay Nation holders, most of whom are also members of the Cardano community. Out of the 11,000 plots on Baked Nation, the Clay Nation community will receive 1,500, and the majority will be set aside for newcomers in a bid to grow the Cardano ecosystem.

Clay Nation reported that due to high demand, the blockchain was barely supporting the traffic, which led to wait times of over two hours. They extended all mint periods to 36 hours and called on the community to put off minting their NFTs.