A new era of gambling begins with cryptocurrencies

Web3 takes online gambling to a whole new level, making it safer and more accessible.

The evolution of technology has moved traditional entertainment to the Internet, offering players new benefits not available in land-based casinos. Access to a wide choice of money games at any time of the day and week from the comfort of your home revolutionized gambling. While the majority of Internet gambling platforms are still thriving in the Web2 space, some, like Crypto Games, have opened up even more opportunities for their customers by deploying blockchain technology.

Gambling powered by crypto

Crypto Games is not the only online casino that supports payments in cryptocurrencies, but it is very different from standard gambling platforms that accept crypto transactions.

Unlike the latter, Crypto Games was designed as an online casino exclusively for playing money games with cryptocurrencies. It does offer classic casino games like other online casinos, but the games are natively built for crypto.

Instead of providing users with a huge library of titles under a single category of games, it invites players to choose the game version they prefer based on the cryptocurrency they want to use for their bets, which will also be used to pay out their winnings.

Certain games, for example, roulette, even have separate progressive jackpots for each supported cryptocurrency. This means that bets made in the same cryptocurrency will be added to the jackpot until the luckiest player wins it.

A total of ten games are currently available at Crypto Games, including two versions of dice games, roulette, lottery, Plinko, slot, Minesweeper, keno, and the legendary casino card games poker and blackjack.

At the same time, the number of supported cryptocurrencies at Crypto Games is constantly growing. As of May 2023, Crypto Games supported Bitcoin, Ether, BinanceCoin, LiteCoin, Solana, Dogecoin, XMR (Monero), BitcoinCash, ETC (EthereumClassic), Dash, GAS (NeoGas) and PLAY (PlayMoney), the token of CryptoGames. In addition, Crypto Games is integrated with CoinSwitch, allowing players to convert many other altcoins and place bets on the platform.

Another crucial feature that Crypto Games has introduced which sets this platform apart from other online gambling platforms is the additional information about the casino edge right by the game icons. The casino edge is essentially the percentage of the wagered funds that the gambling platform keeps as its profit. The lower the casino edge is, the more money players can win. Every casino has its own edge, but almost none of them mention it. Crypto Games honestly declares its profit and makes it visible to every player, instead of hiding this important information in the terms and conditions.

By the way, the house edge at Crypto Games is remarkably low. It ranges from 1.0% to a maximum of 2.7% with a pleasant surprise - Lottery at Crypto Games has no house edge at all!

Crypto Games, which is licensed by the government of Curacao, claims to offer games with "a provably fair random number generator" that gives every player "the ability to ensure and verify every one of their bet results has been generated fairly and according to the advertised odds."

In fact, all licensed online casinos must offer games based on random number generators that have been verified by third parties, but Crypto Games also makes it possible for any user to ensure that the games are truly random with the help of special tools.

Crypto transforming online gambling

By introducing cryptocurrencies as a payment method, Crypto Games has solved many issues which bother many fans of online gambling. As the team behind the platform claims, its mission is "to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights our players by offering smart, safe, and fun virtual money games." The developers of Crypto Games add, "We aim to help as many people as possible to gamble for their own personal reasons."

Cryptocurrencies help players maintain a high level of privacy. While few internet users are unconcerned about their privacy, customers of online casinos are especially cautious because in many cases their confidentiality determines their safety, especially if they are wagering significant amounts of money or enjoying large winnings. Financial information is sensitive and it is better to hide it. Unlike most online casinos, Crypto Games does not require its customers to provide personal information to open an account and start playing.

With cryptocurrencies, Crypto Games can offer safer, faster, and more efficient transactions than Web2 online casinos that make their customers wait even for weeks for money withdrawals. To ensure maximum security of deposited funds, Crypto Games relies on cold wallets rather than hot wallets and uses the latter only to fulfill the last withdrawal requests.