Ojamu Announces “Alphie” Launch - its latest AI-driven Smart Tool for the Blockchain Industry integrated with ChatGPT

Singapore, Singapore, April 28th, 2023, Chainwire

“Alphie” bot currently specializes in the hot ZK & Optimistic Rollup sectors, with more to come

Ojamu, the AI & Blockchain-powered intelligence platform geared towards providing insights into the blockchain & Web3 economy, announced its latest product today, with the launch of its ChatGPT integrated bot “Alphie”, available in both mobile and desktop versions.

Alphie is an advanced, AI-driven 'Alpha Finder', providing valuable insights and in-depth analysis in the most cutting-edge areas of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Ojamu CEO and Founder Hal Bame commented, “The bot’s name comes from ‘Alpha’, which in many industries is seen as ‘hard-to-find’ or essential information. Alphie initially focuses on the incredibly popular and fast-moving ZK/Optimistic Rollup space, with leading chains such as Polygon & Arbitrum incredibly acitve, helping users understand complex concepts and terminologies that might otherwise be difficult to grasp and find necessary information on, as well as associated projects.”

Alphie’s capability goes beyond ‘lookups’. For example, it can break down whitepapers into more digestible information, in order to accelerate users’ research and help them to make better-informed decisions, find specifics on various technologies and understand how those projects differentiate from others.

Key groups within the crypto/blockchain ecosystem will benefit from Alphie:

Traders gain insights on project fundamentals, technology, and team credentials to make informed decisions and improve trading outcomes.

Investors can make better investment choices based on solid evaluation of projects’ long-term potential by analyzing tokenomics, use cases, and market trends.

Developers can easily assess complex emerging technologies like ZK/Optimistic Rollup scaling solutions to decide which is best suited to integrate into their projects.

Crypto enthusiasts can expand their knowledge of the ZK/Optimistic Rollup space and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments thanks to Alphie’s ability to simply explain complex concepts.

Alphie leverages ChatGPT AI technology and fine-tuning AI smart toolsets, as well as Ojamu’s own proprietary AI and data methodology, in order to provide as complete and up-to-date information as possible.

Alphie demystifies ZK/Optimistic Rollups and other advanced blockchain technologies, making it easier for users to comprehend their advantages, limitations, and potential use cases. The bot can provide a comprehensive understanding of these two technologies, their underlying principles, benefits, and drawbacks. It can explain how these Layer 2 scaling solutions work, how they differ from each other, and how they can help address the transaction throughput challenges faced by various blockchain networks. Alphie can also delve into the potential risks and trade-offs associated with implementing these technologies, such as security and data availability concerns.

Ojamu’s future product plans include expanding Alphie's coverage to encompass all crypto categories and provide more advanced research and insights based on further technical and fundamental analysis. GPT-4 research and integration are already underway for enhanced AI performance and datasets, as well as improved natural language understanding capabilities, ensuring that Alphie remains at the cutting edge of AI-driven chatbot technology.

For more information, visit: www.ojamuai.com

About Ojamu

Alphie is the second product offering in Ojamu’s suite of AI-driven smart toolsets and is the first of its B2C product offerings. Ojamu is continually is looking to enhance and expand the Alphie suite of products, increasing its offerings both within the crypto/blockchain space and beyond.

Ojamu’s first product, The Ojamu Intelligence Platform (OIP) continues development and focuses on the B2B space, providing brands the actionable intelligence that they need to succeed in the Web 3.0 economy.

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