Coinbase's Twitter campaign for crypto policy

The exchange’s CEO Brian Armstrong took off to Twitter to back the NFT “Stand with Crypto” campaign that urges the crypto community to demand regulators and policymakers to establish clear rules in the industry.

A blue antique shield, art generated by Midjourney.
This art was generated by Midjourney for illustration purposes and doesn't represent an actual "Stand with Crypto" NFT

Brian Armstrong shared that he has minted a “Stand with Crypto” NFT that features a blue shield meant to symbolize the unity of the crypto community seeking a sensible crypto policy. The move follows today's announcement that Coinbase has filed a suit against the Securities and Exchange Commission to force the agency to respond to the months-old petition on crypto regulation.

“The blue shield not only shows your support for the cause but also that you’re part of a growing community who believes in the future of crypto. This is a purely commemorative NFT with an open mint and has no intended utility or value,” reads the project’s page at Zora marketplace.

The campaign urged the crypto community to show their support for the cause by minting an NFT and adding a shield emoji next to the Twitter display name. Those willing to do extra work are encouraged to sign up for Crypto435, a grassroots crypto advocacy campaign that provides subscribers with timely updates on crypto policy developments and opportunities.

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All mint fees associated with the campaign will go to organizations that advocate for crypto-friendly regulations, including DeFi Education Fund, the Blockchain Association, CoinCenter, and the Blockchain Foundation.

At the time of writing, “Stand with Crypto” is trending on business & finance Twitter with over 4,500 tweets and 18,700 NFTs minted.