Glitch Finance & Lumos Labs Team Up for GLITCH Adoption

Glitch Finance partners with Lumos Labs to spur developer adoption of the GLITCH Blockchain.

Glitch Finance Lumos Labs Blockchain

Glitch Finance has announced a partnership with a Web3 management firm Lumos Labs to drive developer adoption of the GLITCH blockchain through a three-phase plan. The partnership can merge Glitch's developer outreach with Lumos Labs' initiatives, such as educational code-along workshops, a hackathon event, and a Developer Summit. Lumos Labs is known for executing over 50 developer engagement programs and deploying over $10M into the hands of builders for top Web3 industry players.

The three-phase plan aims to incentivize developers to build decentralised applications (dApps) on the GLITCH blockchain.

Phase One, starting April 2023, is the Education phase, with a series of learning initiatives co-branded by Glitch and Lumos. These initiatives will include college roadshows, Blockchain 101 workshops, and hands-on coding experiences. All learning-focused content from Glitch will be hosted on Lumos Labs' Education Portal.

Phase Two, starting June 2023, is the Hackathon phase. Glitch will present three use case challenges to over 10,000 global developers as a track sponsor during Lumos Lab's Build for Web3 Hack 2023. Participants will demonstrate their skills over two months to create innovative dApps, working on diverse use cases, and competing for a prize pool of over $100,000.

Phase Three, starting Summer 2023, is the Developer Summit in Bangalore, India. The hackathon finalists will polish their final submissions and present them to an expert panel of judges during this two-day in-person event. The summit provides a prime opportunity for developers to deploy their applications directly on the blockchain and for Glitch to connect with developers.

Glitch will also establish a virtual headquarters within the Lumos Metaverse, a one-stop-shop for developers to find learning, earning, and job opportunities and connect with others in the Web3 space. This will provide Glitch with an access to ecosystem opportunities, a platform to host community activities and events, and real-time analytics.

Lumos and Glitch have organised a Twitter Space event. This will be an awesome opportunity to hear from experts and join in on the conversation. To listen, simply click on this link:


By leveraging Lumos Labs' expertise and resources, Glitch aims to attract top-tier developers and showcase the potential of its blockchain platform. The three-phase plan, which includes educational initiatives, hackathons, and a Developer Summit, can help their collaboration and growth. As developers bring their ideas to life on the GLITCH blockchain, we can expect to see a surge in innovative dApps, ultimately positioning Glitch among leaders in the decentralised finance space.