DigitalCoinPrice: a trusted crypto aggregator to add to your toolbox

Bring your crypto portfolio to life with DigitalCoinPrice’s personalized charts, price forecasts, watchlists, comparing tools, and much more!

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As cryptocurrencies enter mainstream finance, more and more retail investors jump on board to trade crypto and NFTs in hopes that their holdings may one day take them to the Moon and get them a Lambo — the greatest symbol of accomplishment for those who got rich from crypto.

But to get to the Moon, one must first deal with a boring and mundane part of their path to riches — choosing an asset to invest in and crafting an investment strategy.

However, the decentralized nature of the crypto industry — with its multiple competing exchanges, DeFi protocols, and new projects — makes it quite challenging to keep track of all the relevant data and market information necessary to make informed investment decisions. This is where crypto data aggregators come in handy.

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In this review, we will explore the many helpful features of DigitalCoinPrice essential for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies. From tracking market trends to monitoring individual asset performance, we will try how this Swiss Army knife aggregator can help investors make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

What is DigitalCoinPrice?

Since its inception in 2017, DigitalCoinPrice emerged as a reliable crypto price-tracking platform that attracts 350,000-760,000 visits monthly, as per data from SimilarWeb. This crypto data aggregator has already won the trust of thousands of investors across the globe because of its sleek and intuitive UI and many helpful features, which we will take a closer look at below.

Data filter and screener

Obviously, the core purpose of crypto price aggregators is to… you guessed right, track cryptocurrency prices. And DigitalCoinPrice does a great job here, collecting data from 25 top crypto exchanges — including Binance, Bitmex, OKEX, Gemini, Upbit, Kraken,, and Huobi — to accurately define the price and volume for each of the 9,208 cryptocurrencies it currently tracks.

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Besides simple metrics like trading volume, market cap, current price, and circulating supply, DigitalCoinPrice also allows users to view the biggest gainers and losers among crypto assets for the last 1 hour to 60 days. The visitors can also search for the recently added, most visited, and trending assets to correctly assess the market sentiment around any given coin.

Portfolio tracking

With DigitalCoinPrice, you can keep track of your crypto investments anytime and anywhere, all completely free of charge. You can also set up multiple portfolios for your specific investing goals, edit and manage your transactions 24/7, and create intuitive pie charts to visualize your holdings.

Coin compare tool

When in doubt about choosing the right asset to invest in, you can make use of another helpful feature of DigitalCoinPrice — coin compare. At a time, you can compare five different cryptos, viewing their latest price movements, market dominance, volume, market cap, charts, and links to code repositories and social media channels.

Crypto price forecasts

One of the most popular DigitalCoinPrice features provides users with curated price forecasts for all crypto assets tracked by the platform. All predictions are made based on technical indicators and sentiment analysis, which makes it a solid tool for investors who can’t or won’t interpret TA metrics on their own.


With the crypto events calendar by DigitalCoinPrice, you can be sure you always stay tuned and never miss any of the upcoming events in crypto, be it a snapshot date for the new promising protocol, listing on the exchange, platform launch, or airdrop.

Crypto commits

Last but not least, DigitalCoinPrice has recently added a new feature that allows you to explore the stats of GitHub repositories for the most popular projects. And trust us, this functionality can be one of the biggest sources of alpha, since an uptick in GitHub commits can be the first indicator that something is cooking, often long before any official announcement!

Bottom line

Above we listed only some of the DigitalCoinPrice features that we found the most helpful, but there are more of them, including personalized watchlists, interest calculator, fiat-to-crypto price converter, ICO calendar, and more! We advise you to check for yourself — and if you’re still unimpressed, you’re likely to change your mind after you give DigitalCoinPrice a try.