Avalanche's two chains briefly went down

The block ingestion for Avalanche’s X and C chains was interrupted for at least one hour.

a brick wall stopping an avalanche
Avalanche has managed to recover from the outage in about one hour

Today, Avalanche, one of the popular smart contract platforms, experienced a brief outage in the work of two of its chains. According to on-chain data from Snowtrace, Avalanche's C-Chain explorer, block production was interrupted for about three hours. However, the platform's co-founder, Kevin Sekniqi, stressed that the information provided by Snowtrace is not accurate as the chain tracker is not updated, and the interruption lasted "for a bit over an hour."

"The Avalanche C chain has stopped producing blocks for an hour and has not yet recovered. The Avalanche blockchain browser shows that the latest block time is 7:26 UTC+8, and the block height is 27788298. Avalanche has yet to respond to requests for comment," Colin Wu, a crypto news reporter covering Asian markets stated the same information on Twitter.

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According to Sekniqi, the chain update to version 1.9.12 caused a problem that required another update. "v.1.9.14 was just released, network just needs to upgrade now to fully stabilize," Sekniqi explained in a follow-up tweet.

Perry Smith, an associate product manager at Avalanche, urged all Avalanche validators to update their nodes to v.1.9.14 "to ensure consistency, uptime, and responsiveness."

Although the disruption was indeed brief, two leading Asian crypto exchanges, Upbit and Bithumb, immediately suspended deposit and withdrawal services for Avalanche's token AVAX. "The Deposit/Withdrawal service for AVAX will be suspended to conduct maintenance on the AVAX wallet system. Once the maintenance of the AVAX wallet system is completed, we will reopen the services," Upbit warned its users about the network issue in the official statement.

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The C-Chain, which is used for hosting smart contracts, is one of the three chains of the Avalanche platform. The X-Chain, which serves as an exchange chain, was also affected by the code issue. The third one is the platform P-Chain, which enables staking AVAX and validating the network.