Why is SpaceCatch better than PokemonGo

SpaceCatch is an AR game that uses blockchain and NFT tech, allowing players to monetize game items and trade them for real money.

Augmented reality (AR) gaming is becoming increasingly popular as it brings digital environments and sounds into the real world captured by mobile phone cameras. Although this technology has existed for some time, it was not widely used due to limitations in quality and the amount of content that could be provided. However, with improvements in computing power and software design, AR games are gaining more attention.

The first step in creating an AR game is to create a map or game plan that will serve as the game field for players. This map can be created from scratch using 3D modeling software, or it can be generated from satellite images or street maps.

Pokémon GO is a revolutionary application that combines mobile gaming with AR technology. It uses the camera, gyroscope, clock, and GPS of a smartphone to create an augmented reality environment based on the player's location. Players move around physical locations and catch creatures called "Pokémon" to play the game. The current environment is displayed on the screen, and the rustling of grass indicates the presence of a Pokémon. Finally, players can catch the Pokémon in AR mode, which displays the creatures in the user's real-world environment using the phone's rear or front camera.

The only disadvantage of this game is that it is a Web 2.0 environment. This means that players are fully dependent on the centralized development and direction of the game. Pokémon GO is also the exclusive owner of all game items and other game-related matters. Since the game does not provide any internal P2P economy, if a player decides to stop playing for various reasons, they cannot monetize their game items, and they remain locked in the game essentially forever.

SpaceCatch is another game that combines augmented reality with mobile gaming, similar to Pokémon GO. However, it also implements blockchain and NFT technologies, significantly reducing the number of negatives in the game. Thanks to the implemented P2P economy, players can buy, sell, or trade game items with each other for real money. For example, if a player decides to stop playing, they can sell their game equipment and compensate for their lost time.

SpaceCatch is a space-themed game that takes place in the near future when alien civilizations occupy the planet Earth with the goal of colonizing it and using its benefits. However, humanity unites and fights against the aliens. The player starts the game as a soldier who has volunteered to fight for the salvation of the planet Earth. The game has a captivating storyline with extensive gameplay tasks. The game is designed so that the player can build their character and determine their direction based on their own decisions.

Since it is a Web 3.0 application, players can earn real money by playing the game. This is not possible in Web 2.0 games. SpaceCatch implements several breakthrough concepts that provide players with new, unprecedented opportunities. The entire game economy will be built around its own CATCH token, which will serve as a value store. Thanks to a well-thought-out token economy, in which the token does not serve as a reward from games and more than half of the coins will immediately go into circulation upon launch, this goal is entirely achievable.

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