Traditional and corporate finances meet the world of blockchain. Crypto Assets Conference 2022

The #CAC22A has just started. It is held on the campus of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and live-streamed. The event lasts from Monday to Wednesday (4-6).

The Crypto Assets is considered one of the most important conferences of its kind. It connects a wide range of business minds, corporate leaders, official representatives, and influential figures from the crypto environment itself.

Although hybrid and kept in the Covid-19 regime (social distancing, on-site tickets are offered to selected guests according to an online questionnaire), the event presents great opportunities to network with other professionals. This year's increased attendance indicates the raising interest in converging the traditional regulated corporate business and the ‘wild’ world of cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Assets Conference is divided into 3 major themes:

  • Bitcoin, Crypto Assets, Defi and NFT (day 1)
  • Digital Securities and Infrastructure (day 2)
  • Digital Euro, Digital Identity and Sustainability (day 3)

All details, including the agenda, pricing, guests speakers, etc. are available on the organizer's website.